Blow + Bar Salon
Lippo Mall Kemang Village L1-32
021 2952 8436


Singapore’s first LIFESTYLE GROOMING BAR in Kemang Village, Jakarta that serves up full hair services and manicures with complimentary drinks. A social place for busy urbanites, Blow+Bar combines hair and nail services with drinks in a chill and relaxing bar environment.

Blow+Bar believes in MULTITASKING. With busy lifestyles, there is hardly time left for errands, let alone pampering. Get a blowout and manicure all at the same time. And being efficient does not mean we skim on the quality of our services and products. We only use the best brands, L’Oréal Professionel and Kerastasé.

Blow+Bar is about being forward with TRENDS, but practical. We believe hair make the look, fabulous hair don’t just give you confidence, it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. With the success in our Signature Blowouts and Updos winning multiple beauty awards from top magazines in Singapore, we now launch PERMANENT BLOWOUTS. Now you can have that blowout hair you love, everyday.

Best Tips from Award Winning Perm Salon: Blow + Bar

Blow + Bar Salon
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3 Responses

  1. Joey Law

    Horrible service. There were many stylist at the back of the salon, but only one wanted to work and serve my daughter and I. Left the store with out doing my highlight. When I looked back, the workers were on their phone or just chatting. I was ready to pay for my treatment, but no body wanted to serve me. Left with a bad experience.

    • Zalonku Girls
      Zalonku Girls

      Hello, our Zalonku Team has notified Blow + Bar about your comment. Thank you.

  2. Zalonku Girls

    Had a great experience at Blow+Bar. Staff are tentative and friendly. I had a 3 hour session for the permanent blowout/digital perm. I love the results because it’s very natural, it didnt dry up my hair, and I don’t need to wait for the perm to ‘relax’ to see the final results.


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