“Sulam Alis By Anggie Rassly is different than any other places in Jakarta because I serve clients with personal touch, and since every face is unique, they shall be treated as an individual. Each client will be only handled by me and get the brow design based on their own characteristic, with natural feathering of hair like strokes. When a client leaves our studio with a new look, they already broadcasts our brand and quality to the public.. Most importantly, I’m really concerned of building customer relationship. So they’re not just simply a client but I treat them like friends.” – Anggie Rassly

Lips, eyeliner embroidery, eyelash extensions, IPL and E-light.


Head Studio:
Jalan Gunawarman no 57, Jakarta Selatan 12110, Indonesia
Tel. +6221-29305793

Instagram: @sulamalisdotcom

Sulam Alis By Anggie Rassly
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