Marc+ Beauty Salon
Red Top Hotel Lobby Floor
Jalan Pecenongan No 72
021 385 3845

Marc+ Beauty Salon @ Red Top Hotel
4.1Overall Score
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    • Zalonku Girls
      Zalonku Girls

      Hello, thank you for reaching out to Zalonku! Please contact the salon directly for their price list. Thank you.

  1. Jennifer marcellina

    Its great to had a chance to got you hair done by pros.
    And thanks to and marc+ salon its really a great service. I love it.
    The staff is very friendly and nice. Recommended

  2. Zalonku Girls

    Marc+ beauty salon indeed is a very clean and neat looking salon, loving their friendliness and service! They would treat you like you are the most important person in the world! Then again, about the hair treatment, I super love how they do everything fast but neat, professionally treated i was satisfied! My hair got the best color without having any problem afterwards! It remains soft, smooth and silky! I am very happy with the fact, the hair color doesnt stain anywhere! So, i gotta say, so recommended!


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