Jl Danau Agung Utara Blok A36D No. 26 (2nd Floor)
Sunter, Jakarta
Tel: 081911166885

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Miloff Nails Salon
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2 Responses

  1. Liasina lingga

    The worst idr 500,000 i ever spent ever.
    I did a nail extention.
    First when i call,they told me it will cost idr 350,000 in the end they billed me idr 500,000 for extra gell colour.
    The nail extention is transparent and the gell is transparent, i think it is impossible not to polished the extention.
    The next day, the extention gell change colour become cloudy and start to open.
    From 7 broken extention they only want to replace 3 nails and expect me to pay the others.
    This is going to be the last visit to Millof.

    • Miloff

      Dear Liasina,

      We are sorry to hear your unpleasant visit to Miloff. But kindly allow us to address your concerns one by one here ?

      First, when you called us to enquire, we indeed said the price for gel nail extension ONLY was IDR. 30.000 per finger, plus manicure (cuticle treatment) is IDR. 50.000. It would make the total of IDR. 350.000 for 10 fingers.

      Second, the transparent base gel was applied as you requested to have french nail. As we know, french nails are done with clear/transparent base (unless the customer requests to have colored base). We did try one french nail first to get your approval, and you gave us the go-ahead thus we proceeded with the process.

      Third. You informed us about the “peeled” gel the next day after your service and after we exchanged messages, we agreed to re-do / repair the three nails you claimed as “broken”.

      We can’t recall asking you to pay for anything extra as you mentioned. Had you requested to change all 10 nails (assuming they were all peeled off) within three days, we would have been gladly doing it. We have a 3-days warranty policy on manicure gel and nail extension service.

      Nevertheless, we appreciate the honest feedback from you for our improvement. Thank you and have a nice day.


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