Rika Hair Design Salon is located in Sunter. We have been in business for over 10 years, for exactly established in 2000. From the beginning, we’re specializing in technical hair, such as the art of color including corrective and dimensional foil highlighting, perming, and cutting. We strive to enhance our clients inner and outer beauty.

At Rika Hair Design Salon, we believe in on going education. Because we specialize in color, we have studied with some of well-known brand to get Master Colorist title, such as L’Oreal Academy and Shiseido Professional. We also hold in house education for our staff, so when in our salon you’ll be treated with great services.

Rika Hair Design Salon
Ruko Metro Sunter Utara Blok b No.11
Rika Salon
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    • Zalonku Girls
      Zalonku Girls

      Hello, thank you for reaching out to Zalonku! Please contact the salon directly for their price list. Thank you.

  1. Usagi chan

    I love coloring in here!!!
    Walopun kena lightening berkali2 ga rusak dan kasar loh rambutku… Memang di bilang mereka pake produk bagus dan bermutu, juga jaga kualitas biar customer puas dan ga kecewa kata nya. Terbukti!! Next aku mau treatment rambutku ke sini juga, katanya di sana ada treatment khusus untuk rambut coloring. Thanx yaa rika salon… See you next month!


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