Sucre in french means sugar. Sugar stands for sweetness, but that is not the reason for the name. It’s named Sucre because the main ingredients for Sucre Salon & Wax mainly comes from sugar. Sucre Beauty Salon provides all kinds of hair treatments and also other treatments including ‘totok wajah’, “totok V”, botox, slimming massage, face massage, Vitamins C & E injection, eyebrow threading, acupuncture, lashes extension, “sulam alis” and thread lift.

Cisαnggiri 1 no. 2B (Sαntα, Senopαti)
0812 8914 5829

Dαily (10 AM – 9 PM)

Sucre Salon & Wax
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  1. Zalonku Girls
    Aqilla Muchtar

    Sucre is a really tranquil place and very suitable for people who wants to enjoy the treatment quietly. Ms. Karina was really kind and provided everything I needed, and all the staffs were well trained.


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