T2 Talents Hairdressing by Johny Mallato T2 Talents Hairdressing by Johny Mallato T2 Talents Hairdressing by Johny Mallato

T2 Hairdressing Salon by Talents Johny Mallato
Jl. Gunawarman 30, Jakarta Selatan
021 727 9259

Talents Hairdressing by Johny Mallato
3.7Overall Score
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  1. Zalonku Girls
    Christine Gneuss

    It’s short again! I showed Johny a few pinterest photos I had collected and decided to let him figure something out that fits my face. While I loved, loved, loved the design of the place, it was really nice to talk to the man himself.

    Johny was extremely knowledgable in everything-fashion in Jakarta and is clearly with heart and soul into his craft.

    I can def. recommend a visit if you are looking for someone who knows what he is doing for different/non-puffy looking hair.

  2. Nyimas Laula

    He cut hair like an artist paint their canvas, he had no doubt doing it. I (seriously) never like my haircut as I am now. he made it looks good with being messy! truly fits my personality.

  3. Zalonku Girls

    JM is a great artist, He knows whats the best for his clients, and i love how it looks.


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