“Bad brows day”? Not again! Bushy brows may in trend, but messy brows? No no. Brows are the one thing that frame and give a definition to our face. Therefore, we should treat our brows like a princess! If you are curious to tame your brows to a desirable shape, here’s our honest review of the best salon for your brows need.


Benefit Brow Bar – Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

East Mall (Central Departement Store – Benefit Cosmetics) Ground Floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, 10310, Indonesia

Phone: 021-2358 1856


Today, I visited the Benefit Brow Bar at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, in the heart of Jakarta city. I was quite curious of this place as it has gained very very very good reviews from many people, especially Beauty Vloggers. My brows are kinda messy; they haven’t been trimmed for few months and keeps growing back like cray! My past brow threading experience didn’t go so well. I have an asymmetrical brows and they’re even more uneven! 

Benefit Brow Bar interior is so girly, and there’s a lot of pink! All the Benefit products are neatly stored, it’s atmosphere is so cute! And today, I choose brow wax treatment to pamper myself prior to the treatment. I met the Beautician, in this case, the brow stylist. She asked me what kind of shape of the brows I desired my brows to be; natural; defined, straight; or feathered. Feathered is the latest trend but then I went for a natural sort of bold and angular shape because I like my brow shape to be more arched.

She kindly asked me whether I’m under a chemical skin treatment, or experiencing post chemical peeling trauma, because they are the worst time for being waxed. I was certainly not under any chemical treatment, so it was ok to be waxed. Shortly after that, the treatment began. She started drawing the desirable shape by using some of Benefit Brow Zings’ product, then continued with the waxing. The type of the wax was a hot sugar wax. After, she tweezed some of the baby hair of my brows, also, trimmed it down.

Then voila!

My brows were looking fresher then ever! Post waxing, I experienced sort of redness around my brows area. She, the, put aloe to calm the redness. Not long after that, she shaped my brows with some of the Benefit’s Browzings products to create a fuller; fleeky look!

The Brow Stylist said that the ideal time for the next treatment would be within 1 or 2 months from this treatment. So far I’m truly satisfied with the service, and the final result of my brows. This was my first ever time visit, and it definitely worth every penny. I totally recommend this treatment and give the Benefit Brow Bar as the best salon to tame your brows!

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