Guest Contributor: Stephanie Hoo, Meta-Clinical Aromatherapy Certified

I get it. Some of us may not have millions of dollars to spend beautifying ourselves in salons and spas, but there is still hope for those who feel like we’ve made enough of an effort to warrant a head turn or two. Here are some ways (all easy) for you to subtly get a new younger look, naturally!

Breath Life to Thicker Hair 

Natural Hair & Eye Lashes

Want hair that makes you look like you just stepped out of a salon? Combine these natural essential oil ingredients in a bottle and spray onto damp or wet hair. Your hair will be full of natural body without using much styling products.

Lavender essential oil – 15 drops
Lemon essential oil – 10 drops
Cedarwood essential oil – 8 drops
15ml vodka or witch hazel
150ml distilled water

Lash Booster

Want longer and fuller eyelashes? An easy way to bulk up those lashes is to use Lavender essential oil. Add 1 drop to your mascara tube and not only does it extend the life of your mascara, lavender has antiseptic properties that nourishes your eyelashes and face. Plus it smells amazing.

Beautiful Eye Lashes

Glowing Skin Is Always In

Let’s face it, we all want healthy glowing skin and complexions. Some of us haven’t always been blessed with smooth skin like a porcelain China doll. Since being diagnosed with PCOS at an early stage in my life, the hormones in my body caused horrible breakouts on my face. I have found ever since incorporating the oils into my daily skincare and using it to balance my hormones, it has made a tremendous difference. I use Helichrysum and Frankincense as they have healing properties for the skin, not to mention reduces wrinkles too!

glowing skin

It is important to get therapeutic-grade essential oil as it is the purest form with healing properties. To learn more about essential oil benefits and how to get them by contacting Stephanie Hoo, certified in Meta-Clinical Aromatherapy based in Jakarta and Bali. Young Living, young living, young living

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