Eyelash Extensions are one of the best beauty hacks. Basically, you are waking up to the lashes of your dreams every single day. Plus, they will save time with your morning beauty routine. What’s not to love?


That is why we are thrilled to get Lash Culture on our beauty radar. We caught up with owner, Adheline, who is an international advanced certified lash artist. Adheline, who counts social media influencers such as Regina Raquel and Julia Santoso as clients, gets her technique from different academies in the US and Russia. “They taught me that beauty does not always have to be painful. Through my training, I learned not only to create the beautiful lash set. But also to never harm clients’ natural lashes,” says Adheline.

We visited Lash Culture while Adheline invited Cecil Xu and Isable Xu to experience her eyelash extension studio’s expertise. The famous sisters are beauty and travel enthusiasts who run a blog together called The Way Xu Lives. Isable’s first time trying Eyelash Extensions was 2 years ago. While her older sister, Cecil, is a relative newcomer, having just tried it at the end of 2017. Both girls are looking to step up their lashes game with Lash Culture.

Owner Adheline with Cecil Xu and Isable Xu


We immediately fell in love the minute we step into the studio located at Jalan Puri Kembangan Raya right next to Simetri Coffee Roaster. The black and white color scheme makes it look classic and elegant, it is so cozy that we feel right at home. Adheline is determined to keep comfort above all. “We are happy if our client can get a good 1-2 hours “beauty sleep’ in our studio.” What is more impressive is that Adheline is also a teacher. In the back of the studio, there is a small classroom where Adheline provides hands-on training for her staff to be a professional eyelash technician.


The Xu sisters, both looking chic in an all-white ensemble, arrives with so much enthusiasm. They immediately launch into a discussion with Adheline about all the beauty services in Lash Culture. Beside Eyelash Extensions, they also provide Keratin Last Tint and Lift, Lash Breeding, as well as Brow Henna starting from IDR 300.000. It is truly a one-stop solution for all your lashes needs!

Cecil Xu says she once tried the 5D Volume Eyelash Extensions while Isable Xu prefers the more natural look, switching between 1D or 2D depends on her needs. This time, they both eager to try the Russia 3D Volume set after being impressed with how soft the material feels. “We use synthetic mink lash extensions as they have soft mink-like feel, but avoid you from possible allergic reactions real mink lashes can do,” Adheline explains. After everyone is settled, Adheline and her staff begin to work their magic.


As someone who is a firm believer in ‘beauty does not always have to be painful,’ Adheline makes sure the procedure is gentle and her clients are comfortable during the two-hour session. “Our eyelash extensions not only have to compliment clients’ eyes, but also have to be comfortable to wear. Health and safety are our number one priority.” It is worth to remind you to be wary of salons that offer 30-minute sessions, as it is likely they are rushing the procedure.

The application process went smooth and the Xu sisters are delighted with the result. “For me, they did not look remotely artificial. Especially the 3D Volume is very soft and it looks so natural,” praises Cecil. “Actually, all their extensions feels soft, not just the 3D one. I have been going to many different places and I believe Lash Culture has the softest extensions,” Isable agrees. For Isable who once had a bad experience with lash extensions, she is really happy with how dreamy her lashes look. They are also express their appreciation for the staff and the studio’s vibe. Isable says, “I love the place, it is so cozy! The staff is so nice and gentle with us. I definitely feel like Lash Culture is a must-try if you are looking to get Eyelash Extensions.”

Jalan Puri Kembangan Raya No.10D
Kembangan, Jakarta Barat
Contact: +62816874112

Mon – Sat 09:00-18:00


Brought to you in partnership with Lash Culture.
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