Zalonku girls are always on the look out for the best beauty places in the city. With so many beauty spots popping up in Jakarta, it’s hard to find one that fits all our criteria – an upscale one-stop salon without the upscale price. When we heard this is just what NAP Nail Salon offers, we went to see what the hype is all about.


Located in Kemang Village, the all-white salon is personal and friendly with a small staff to create an intimate and cosy feeling. We love their comfortable love seats!


NAP Nail Salon Kemang Lippo Village

This one stop salon offers almost all beauty treatments from manicure and nail gel art to hair removal, eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension, all at affordable prices. With manicure spa starting at Rp 110,000 to silk eyelash extension starting at Rp 400,000, you can sit back, relax, and get glam-ed up in one go! You may be here for awhile.

NAP Nail Salon Kemang Lippo Village

Special treatment at NAP Nail? We love their nail extension because the nail art they paint can be customized based on a design you want for any special event or party.

NAP Nail Salon Kemang Lippo Village

We learn from the founder, Linda, that hygiene and cleanliness are the two most important protocols in her salon because an hour of pampering at the salon means nothing if you contract a deadly infection a day later.

Linda explains, “Nail salon can get very moist and wet, so it is very easy for bringing bacteria, virus, fungus, and other nail diseases. Just like when we enter a hospital, the first thing we noticed is how clean the hospital is. That is why NAP’s concept is pure white because we want to focus on keeping the salon extremely sterile and clean so it’s safe for our clients. Every month, we inspect and replace all unusable tools. ”

NAP Nail Salon Kemang Lippo Village

With over 10 years of experience, you can really tell Linda has a real passion for nails and all things beauty. She continuously travels abroad to learn the nail techniques, semi permanent makeup and even knows how to body paint! She has been teaching nail technics since 2007, and now runs her own NAP Nail Academy. All her technician goes through a 4-months intensive training before working in her salon, you can be sure that a highly skilled therapist will be taking care of you!

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NAP Nail Salon
Lippo Mall Kemang Village
Floor LG-29
Tel: 021-29528378


Brought to you in partnership with NAP Nail Salon.
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