If you are looking for a luxurious treatment that will instantly make you enhance your beautiful and perfect face, Sophistica is your ultimate beauty destination. Like its name, Sophistica offers a high-end 6D eyelash and brow boutique, matched by sophistication and elegance. Want to learn more? We present to you the first-ever Mink Eyebrow Extension Salon in Jakarta!

First Impression

Located conveniently with other beauty treatments in Mall of Indonesia, we love this beautifully designed boutique. Inspired by the Sanssouci Palace in Germany, the owners created this space with comfort in mind. Just stepping in already makes you feel cosy and relax. Can’t wait to experience the actual beauty journey!


The Technique 

Eyebrow extension technique is similar to eyelash extension where existing eyebrow hair is extended with synthetic, mink or silk strand to make your brows look fuller.

Michelle Hendra Eyebrow Extension


Sophistica uses eyebrow extension technique certificated from the US, where each mink hair is grafted to each natural brow hair or to the skin, depending on the brow hair type you have. If your brow hair is light, mink hair will be grafted to each brow leaving a 1mm to 2mm distance away from the root of your natural brow. Sparse areas will be filled in and attached to the skin to create the perfect arch.


This technique doesn’t damage your natural brows and the extension usually last for 1-2 weeks. Sophistica only uses mink hair because it’s softer and lighter than synthetic or silk. You will be amazed at the end result…your brows will look like they naturally grow that way.

Before & After

We invited beauty bloggers, Michelle Hendra, for an exclusive treatment. The results? Michelle’s eyebrow look the fullest they have ever have. The treatment took only 1 hour to complete. Price? Starting from Rp 315.000!

Michelle Hendra Eyebrow Extension


Zalonku Special Offer!

Are your brows in need of a trip to Sophistica? Our friends at Sophistica are offering Zalonku Readers 30% on your first visit to Sophistica! Simply redeem this Zalonku voucher…. write a review and post on your Instagram after treatment. You get another 10% when you bring a friend!  Offer valid until Jan 31th 2016.


Mall of Indonesia
Ruko French Walk F38A
Tel: 081287051188


Brought to you in partnership with Sophistica.
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  1. Tari Lestari

    I definitely got some good selfies out of it !
    Very recommended eyelash salon and I’m very satisfied with the result

  2. Auwlya Ajanni

    Superb place, very friendly staff, excellent services. Their extension is very light and beautiful

  3. Mega

    Sophistica ngebuat bulumata gue cettaaaaarrrr membahana!! Tanpa pakai maskara & bulumata palsu!! KEREN!!


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