We are always searching around Jakarta looking for the latest beauty hot spots that are different than the rest. A Korean-inspired beauty lounge? Now, that’s unique.

Tucked away on the Beauty Floor of Plaza Indonesia, this Korean premium beauty lounge is all about sanitation and using the high quality brands for all their head-to-toe beauty treatments. Every treatment on the menu has been carefully designed, and we especially love their exclusive K-Pop treatments for creating bigger looking eyes and lifting up sagging chin with Kocostar V-Line!

Orlymiin Plaza Indonesia

While living in Indonesia, founder Pak Ju from Korea noticed many Indonesian women uses cosmetics with chemicals that are not safe for the skin. Hence after 9 years of experience in the beauty world, Pak Ju launched ORLYmiin with a vision to provide the best selection of products that are natural and healthy for Asian skin. We also learnt from Pak Ju that all technicians are continuously trained by local and Korean educators to maintain their professional standard.

ORLYmiin Nail Salon, Plaza Indonesia, Pak Ju

We had the chance to send beauty blogger, Ririe Prameswari (who is getting married this month!), to try ORLYmiin in hope that she will find the perfect wedding nail art and eyelash extension for her beautiful wedding day.

For eyelash extension, Ririe tried the 8mm to 12 mm ‘sexy’ eyelashes. The ‘sexy’ technique applies longer lashes to the center of the lash line, which helps to make the eyes look larger and flirtier.

Orlymiin Eyelash Extension

The lash enhancing treatment took over an hour to complete where the hand-made lashes were applied one by one onto Ririe’s own natural eyelashes, and a very soft adhesive (FDA approved) was applied to create a natural look. Ririe’s new lashes looked feminine and sexier than ever. “The result was incredibly amazing. If I knew eyelash extension looked so natural and light like this, I should have done it a long time ago!”

Orlymiin Eyelash Extension

Now that Ririe’s eyelashes are looking perfect, let’s move to the second part of the pampering session: manicure and nail art!

While Ririe relaxed on a massage chair while slipping a cup of hot coco, her manicurist thoroughly cleaned and shaped her nails and cuticles before artificial tips was applied to add length for the acrylic.

With just about every color a girl can wish for, ORLYmiin offers 800 Orly colors and hundreds of nail art inspirations. Since Ririe’s wedding is coming up, the manicurist recommended Ririe to try wedding nail extension with Korean Swarovski stones to make them look glamorous. The result was beautiful and stunning. Ririe is now wedding-ready with glamorous-looking eyelashes and hands!

Orlymiin Nail Art

Special Offer: Happy Hour at ORLYmiin!

Get 50% discount for ORLYmiin Premium Hand and Foot Spa (worth IDR 300.000 – 360.000) and 30% discount for Mink Eyelash Extensions (worth IDR 1.000.000).

Happy Hour promo is valid every Monday to Thursday 10am-2pm. Simply email yourself this ONLYmiin Voucher and present it to their staff before your appointment. Offer valid until August 31st 2016.

ORLYmiin’s gel polish and eyelash extension usually last for 3 weeks, with a 7-days guarantee.

Plaza Indonesia
Beauty Floor Level 4
Telephone: 021 2992 4319


Brought to you in partnership with ORLYmiin.
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