We all know everyone hates pimple, and finding the right way to treat blemishes is almost as frustrating as the actual pimples themselves.  Ahead, check out our favorite cost effective zit killers that you can easily get from any Guardian or Century drugstores:

Nelsons Tea Tree Cream


Made with pure tea tree oil in the land of Australia, Nelsons Tea Tree Cream is mostly known for its richness of antiseptic, and its ability to reduce inflammation caused by acnes. You can wear it as a day cream or a night cream, and it works for both and as a moisturizer.

Price: IDR. 155.000


Nourish Skin Acne Gel


This gel is a favorite among Jakarta consumers. It is rich by the combination of lavender oil and Aloe barbadensis leaf extract that helps reduce acne problems, a Silanediol salicylate content that helps inflammation, Humulus lupulus extract to help naughty blackheads on your skin.

Price: IDR. 55.000


Kalcinol N


This zit cream is not only affordable, but we’ve also found it very effective to cure pimples. What we love about this acne killer is the cream is not sticky at all. You also can apply this cream for prickly heat on your face.

Price: IDR 16.000 (10 gram)



Sebamed Clear Face Anti-Pimple Gel


This one is also a high-rated product among Jakarta consumers. This gel cleans impurities in your pores that caused acnes like bacteria, pollution, and excess oil in your skin. It is made to target the areas that are aggressively harming your skin. Ingredients including allantoin and panthenol work together to create a nourishing skin.

Price: IDR 106.000


Illuminare Acne Defyer Spots Gel


Illuminare is a Japanese product from Naris Cosmestics Osaka Japan distributed via PT Pharos Indonesia. This gel is perfectly used to subdue redness due to acne and also get rid of acne bacterial.

Price: 125.000


Derma E Very Clear® Acne Spot Treatment


This concentrated spot blemish treatment targets specific flare-up areas while helping reduce redness and irritation. The natural ingredients have shown to be very effective on blemish-prone skin. The formula delivers natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties to help clear complexion and prevent blemishes while reducing redness and sensitivity.

100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, GMO-free.

Price: IDR 245.000


Note: Please see a dermatologist if you have moderate to severe nodulocystic acne, or during pregnancy.

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  1. Ellya Tamara

    Ada satu brand acne spot pimple cream yang manjur banget, nama nya acnol. must try!it is so cheap and works just like mario badescu punya!


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