If there are two things Indonesian love, relaxation and staying away from traffic in Jakarta.

Recently launched, Go Massage is a mobile spa app pioneered by Gojek that dispatches massage therapists to every corner of Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi and Tangerang Selatan. You can now have the luxury of setting up a mini spa in the comfort of your own living room, office or hotel room.

Go Massage by Gojek

We were a little worried about a massage therapist visiting our place. Is it safe? Who are the masseuses? What products do they use? What do I wear while they massage me? But it ended up being very easy — not weird or dangerous at all.

How it works: Book an appointment through Go Massage in Gojek app by choosing the service you want, date and time.

Go Massage How to Order

Pricing: While it may sound expensive to have a home delivery service, it turns out Go Massage services are extremely affordable. A tap of your smartphone will bring one of Go Massage’s therapists right to you starting at IDR 90.000 per hour – and they’ll bring own massage oil, cream, mattress and aromatherapy too.

Go Massage Price List Gojek

Experience: Dewi showed up right on time carrying her Go Massage bag and greeted me with a warm hello. After setting up our little spa corner, she stepped into the bathroom to wash her hands and let me get ready.

Once she melted her hands onto my feet, I have forgotten about all my concerns. I was happily reading my magazine, sipping my tea, while Dewi relaxed my back and shoulder with her strong hands. Dewi was friendly, professional, very skilled and thorough.

Oh, and did I mention it was also a Friday afternoon with traffic? There is no other place I rather be but in my own home with my own masseuse.

Products Analysis: We get to choose either their basic product or Wangsa Jelita natural products (additional IDR 20.000 per hour). The basic product contains lavender and local spices that gives warmth to the skin, while Wangsa Jelita has a special formula that contains green tea and local spices, which is rejuvenating and energizing at the same time.

Go Massage Wangsa Lelita Gojek

Conclusion: Go Massage is probably the most convenient way for a quick rejuvenation in Jakarta. It’s for busy (or lazy!) people like me who just can’t be bothered to leave the house and deal with traffic. Best part? After Dewi packed her stuff and left, I am still relaxing in my sarong (rather than getting dressed and be stuck in traffic to go home).

Go Massage Totok Wajah Gojek

When we order GO-MASSAGE, we take part of supporting less fortunate communities and empower masseuse to develop their own business. Knowing that I am a part of this social movement, now that’s rejuvenating to the soul.

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Brought to you in partnership with Go Massage by Gojek.
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    Hi Zalonku!
    your review is very useful! I am a Taiwanese and can’t speak and read Bahasa;( I just move here for about 1month. And I ordered this go massage tomorrow morning for my husband but both we are concerning about the same questions as yours. Luckily I googled and find your blog. Getting us feels better after read . Thank you again anyway:)


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