Nothing is worst than having unhealthy damaged hair. Yet, these past few years, the trend of pastel hair, silver hair, and other light-colored hair have been taking over the world and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However, this could be particularly frustrating for Asians, who by nature, are born with dark-colored hair. Furthermore, after tiring and seemingly endless process of bleaching and coloring, we’re left with pretty color(s) yet damaged and high-maintenance hair. Oh, have I also mentioned about required roots-retouching process that you have to do every few months or so? Yes, that too.

We heard you, so below, we have specially curated our top choices of easy and effective hair treatment that you can do at home by yourself without emptying your wallet.


Coconut oil has been one of the most popular and effective ways to nourish and soothe your hair cuticles and scalp. It can even help to hold the color if you use it before the coloring process.

Apply slightly heated coconut oil on dry hair and leave it to soak for at least 20 minutes. After that, rinse it with shampoo and voilà, the simplest way to renourish your damaged hair.


Purple shampoo has been used by most people with cool tone hair color religiously to fix brassy hair to ashy hair.

Why is that? Well, the color purple directly opposes the color yellow in the color spectrum, therefore when used on hair, it combats the yellow undertones that most Asian hair naturally has; bringing out the silver, icy pastel pink, cool mint, etc.

Although you might have to be careful. Depending on how light your hair color is, the longer you leave your hair in it, the more purple-y your hair will get.  


Sulfates are not the main culprit of the fading color on your hair, but they definitely indirectly help on stripping the color. Therefore, just by changing your daily shampoo and conditioner to the one that doesn’t contain sulfate, would help to maintain the color on your hair longer.


Bleaching dark hair into light color means stripping the melanin from your hair and the process itself is very strenuous.

Hair serum offers a quick and easy fix for your frizzy and unhealthy looking hair. It makes your hair shinier and reduces tangles while protects them from dust, harsh exposure from the sun, chemical products, and too much heat from styling.

Hair serum is best used on wet hair. Simply rub and evenly distribute couple drops of the serum on your hair and you’re set.


And there you go. Dyeing your hair into those gorgeous locks no longer sounds too daunting, isn’t it?

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