Straight hair or curly waves?

Curly wavy hair is often seen as sexy and flirtatious than our naturally straight counterparts. There is something about the lightness of it, the way it bounced as we walked, that make us feel happier and confident. Tired of your flat hair and want that “I woke up like this” bouncy wavy look? Perming can be a quick fix to changing your visual impression. Take a look on the pros and cons first before you decide to go to a salon:

Perming Adds Volume

Before and After Perm

With perming, we eliminate stubborn flat hair as it instantly gives us texture and volume. A perm is so convenient and a time saver. The best part? You don’t have to spend time curling your hair after every wash! With a little styling and love, you get to lock in that beach-waves look, and truly wake up with a textured wavy hair.


Perming Beats Humidity
Asian Flat Hair

Perming is different than having blow-dried hair. The hair does not become flat and straight again when you walk out in the heat or if it starts to rain. The waves will stay intact no matter what climate we are in, without any effort!


Perming is Semi-Permanent

Digital Perm

Our hair will grow and the curls will gradually relax. If that new perm is not your cup of tea, you can always chop it off and go with another hairstyle. The beauty with perming is that you get to experiment and see which look suits your face the most.


Types of Perms:

Digital or Hot Perm

With digital or a hot perm, your hair is heated by curling rods that are hooked into an electronic device. These rods are used to create a looser looking bouncy wavy finish. Digital perm or hot perm usually takes about three to four hours, depending on length and thickness of hair.

Cold Perm

Cold perm is the traditional method of hair perming. Your hair is soaked with alkaline chemicals, then tightly rolled up into curls and rings set by rollers. This process creates a tighter pattern than the digital perm. The overall process takes two to two and a half hours, depending on length and thickness of hair.

Pros Cons
Digital (Hot) Perm – Result in natural cooking curls right away

– Designed specifically with Asian hair in mind

– Less damaging with less chemicals used

– Longer duration of process

– Works better on thicker hair

– More expensive

– Not as long lasting as the cold perm

Cold Perm – Works on almost any type of hair

– Tighter curls that would last longer than the cold perm

– More affordable

– Quicker process


– Tighter curls means not as natural as hot perm results

– Requires  styling products to maintain look

Ready to change things up? 

Getting natural looking curls and volume is so easy nowadays, but it’s important to choose the right type of perm (i.e. digital/hot perm, cold perm, ceramic perm) as the perm type can really affect your result. Have a consultation with a professional hairdresser to discuss first. Let them know the look you want to achieve, and ask for the types of post-treatments, products and styling tips that are available after your perm.

Fabulous hair don’t just give you confidence, it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. #BeBravetoWave


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