New year is the prefect time to get a new hair color to freshen up any old look. So what’s hot for 2018?


We asked Nobu-san, owner of Nobu Salon, for his favorite 2018 trends. His guidelines? “At the end of the day, it’s about what looks good on your complexion. Knowing the tone of your skin will help you choose a color that matches your skin. Right now, I have been quite a lot of request for Beige Ash Balayage as it’s a more subtle shade that will blend into your natural root color.”



You know a balayage is done correctly if you can’t see lines where it starts and ends, and Nobu has proven to us that his stylists have perfected their coloring techniques from our previous makeover review.

We decided to try Beige Ash Balayage with Nobu Salon and invited Nadya Maudy, an aspiring model and actress, who has been looking to try something new for this new year. Nadya shared with us that she wants something trendy but subtle and less drastic to keep her hair looking natural.


“I’m so excited! It’s been a while since I colored my hair and I think it is time for a change. Hair and beauty are inseparable; that is why choosing which salon to go for the best result is important. I like the idea of beigh ash balayage as it has a natural effect on my skin tone.”

At Nobu’s newest branch La Maison Gallery Barito in Kebayoran Baru,  Stylist Mitsu-san mixed bleach with peroxide developer (to prolong and protect hair color) and applied twice onto Nadya’s hair. Without rinsing, Mitsu-san handpainted the highlights from mid lengths to the end of the hair. Once bleaching was completed, color paste was applied to the damp washed hair. For the perfect beige ash balayage result, the stylist used Milbon Ordeve beige and grey color tone level 9.

Since root grows immediately, it’s best when the color blends naturally with the original hair color. Hence, Nadya’s color paste was washed within 5 minutes with purple shampoo to cancel all the yellow tone from bleaching. This resulted in a gradual fade from darker tone on top to sunkiss warm blonde on the ends. Mitsu-san finished the look with a laid-back style of messy curls.


Nadya felt so satisfied that she finally fulfilled her curiosity of trying this trending hot color. “It turned out very gorgeous and natural. This color is everything! I’m in love. Thank you Nobu for making my hair fresh and alive again!”

Nadya Beige Ash Balayage starts at IDR. 1.800.000.


Smokey Matte Ash with Balayage Makeover @ Nobu



La Maison Barito Gallery
Jl.Barito 2 No.56, Kebayoran Baru
021 8065 8189 / 021 8065 8190

City Walk Sudirman 2F #23 
021 2970 4010 / 081213224947

Pondok Indah Golf Apartment
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III BB
021 7591 0523 / 081210848733

Cikarang AXIA
021 2808 5151

Pakuwon Mal
Little Tokyo 2 Mezzanine Floor No. 06-08
Jl. Puncak Indah Lontar No.2, Surabaya
031 9914 8622 / 0813 915 43009

Brought to you in partnership with Nobu.
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