The three most popular ways nowadays for hair removal are Laser, IPL, and Waxing. From the old-fashioned pulling-out waxing procedure to the latest technology for removing unwanted hair on your face or body, we’ve listed a few top Brazilian wax and IPL shops in Jakarta that can get us that smooth and bright skin we girls always wish for.

De-Hair Laser

De-Hair Laser

For those looking for a long-term and absolutely pain-free hair removal experience, try the laser by De-hair .This place is probably the best place to go for those of you that are less tolerant to pain. While most hair removal places in Jakarta uses IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology, De-hair uses the most high end technology called Laser Diode which is the only approved technology by the FDA for laser hair removal. It is effective because the laser beam only targets the hair follicle causing it to stop generating new hair follicles. It does not target the surrounding skin hence it is painless and carries minimal side effects.

Instagram: dehair_laser
Location: Gandaria City, Mall of Indonesia
Price starts: Rp 1.650.000 (Laser)
Recommended times for permanent results: 5 times (minimum) every 4 weeks
Appointment: 021 2923 6446


Tokyo Belle Beauty

Tokyo Belle Beauty

To get smooth and brighter skin forever, Tokyo Belle Beauty uses the latest IPL technology from Japan, in which uses lights of wavelength that are covered with cooler lens, resulting less pain on the skin. A free consultation is included where they check your physical constitution, hair and skin condition, and will answer any questions you have about the procedures or results. If you have the patience to wait 1 year to fully see the results, this IPL will be suitable as you’d have to actually wait 6 to 8 weeks after every session before you re-visit again.

Instagram: tokyobelleid
Location: Panglima Polim, Pacific Place, Kemang Village
Price starts: Rp 750.000 (IPL)
Recommended times for permanent results: 6 – 8 times (minimum) every 6 – 8 weeks
Appointments: Tokyo Belle Beauty Branches


Strip: Ministry of Waxing

Ministry of Waxing

Originated from Singapore, Strip has 4 outlets in Jakarta with 36 outlets worldwide. This waxing salon is a place you actually look forward to going. From its cool industrial ambience to its high quality waxing and IPL services, this creatively established brand also carries a top notch line of in-house post waxing products. Strip’s well trained ‘waxpert’ and premium services do come at a price, though, its brazilian IPL is going to cost you Rp 3.200.000 a session, excluding tax.

Location: Senayan City, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, Grand Indonesia
Price starts: Rp 370.000 (Brazilian Wax), Rp 3.200.000 (IPL)
Recommended times for permanent results: 7 – 8 times (minimum) every 4 weeks
Appointments: Ministry of Waxing Branches


Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour

An all-in-one parlour, Pink Parlour is one of Singapore’s hair removal specialists offering Award Winning treatments for waxing, IPL (Alpha Light Technology) hair removal and nail manicure services. Pink Parlour sets their bar pretty high when it comes to hygiene standards. This includes: no “double-dipping” of spatulas, mist beds with FDA approved solution following each treatment, and therapists and equipment sterilization to ensure bacteria-free at every corner. Talk about meeting strict hygiene guidelines!

Instagram: pinkparlourid
Location: Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, Lippo Mall Kemang
Price starts: Rp 310.000 (Brazilian Wax), Rp 2.000.000 (IPL)
Recommended times for permanent results: 7 – 8 times (minimum) every 4 weeks
Appointments: Pink Parlour Branches



Waxhaus Waxing

Waxhaus is a caramel based waxing parlor established in Jakarta with outlets in Bali and Tangerang. All of their outlets use natural ingredients with no preservatives for sensitive skin, and they only use natural ingredients to produce caramel daily. To ensure high standard of hygiene, they use fresh caramel, new applicator and disposable waxing strips for each customer. If you want a temporary safe solution to remove unwanted hair at an affordable price, Waxhaus is your to go waxing place.

Instagram: waxhaus_id
Location: Plaza Semanggi, Kota Kasablanka, Summarecon Mal Serpong, Bintaro Xchange
Price starts: Rp 115.000 (Brazilian Wax)
Appointments: Waxhaus Branches

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