Ready for a new look for this season? Changing up your look can definitely be a rewarding experience. Whether you want a whole new hair look or just a slight update, get a head start with these trendy and fresh hair ideas for this 2016 fall season.

Rich Dark Brown


Rich dark brown is a very settle dark brown if you don’t want to change your hair too much. This rich and dark hue gives a sultry and mysterious look that people will beg to know you. Rich dark brown is very sophisticated yet trendy. You can add little a highlight to add more definition or just let it be, like Rihanna.



Famboyage hair coloring

Flamboyage is a new hot trend and a low maintenance hair color technique. It is a combination of ombre and balayage. Flamboyage is a new alternative to traditional highlights, this process incorporates elements of both balayage and ombré techniques to give the hair more depth and a natural-yet-polished result even after your hair has grown out.




Want to spice up your hair without coloring it? Go with a bangs! Bangs will make you look younger, fresh and it’s oh so trendy. The cool thing about bangs is that you can completely revamp your style with a very small change, without drastically cutting everything. Whether you have long hair, a bob, straight or messy hair, it doesn’t really matter. You can adapt any of these styles to include a small fringe to frame your features.


Change The Part


If bangs or colored hair is too much for you just take your comb and split your hair to anywhere your want. Switching the direction of your part is one of the most immediate and hassle-free ways to change your look. Deep side part is flattering for everyone it’s look great and modern. Parting hair to one side highlights your best features—especially the eyes and cheekbones.

While the deeper side part is definitely in and looks great. The middle part is the creation of volume often relies on a center part from which to ground the whole look. The middle part will slim and balance out your face.

You can do your hair however you want, and none of us will judge you! But it’s fun to play around with what’s popular, trying trendy things or putting your own spin on something to make it more unique.

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