Change is good. But when it comes to getting a new hair cut there are three things you must consider: hair type, facial features and most importantly, the shape of your face. It is important to choose a hairstyle that will flatter your face and complement it from any angle. Here, we give you the scoop on the best cuts and styles for every face shape.

Round Shaped Face

To camouflage your face’s roundness, an illusion of length needs to be achieved. Hence, long hairstyle is the most recommended. Long hair looks gorgeous on a round face. Take a look at Agnes Monica’s long wavy hair, it elongates her round face and creates an impression that her face is slimmer. Have your hair maintain its length a few inches under your chin, so that the hair perfectly conceals the side of your face.


Layered ends are ideal if you want a body to your mane. Make sure though that the shortest end is not above your earlobe. Gentle waves on your hair are also going to deflect the face roundness. If you have some natural waves, let your hair do its thing and do not have it straightened.

Square Shaped Face



If you have a square shaped face, like Luna Maya and Miranda Kerr, you need to make it your goal to go for cuts and looks that soften your angular facial structures. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers angled from ears to ends, as this will surely compliment the strong jawline. With the right hairstyle, you will be a sure looker.

Oval Shaped Face


Have an obsession for beautiful celebrities like Raisa and Pevita Pearce? An oval face like theirs are very versatile and many women with other face shapes tend to request for hairstyles to achieve the oval face look. To make sure that you always look your best, try to layers that start just below the eyes will make your face look fuller. You can go very long or ultra short and consider yourself very lucky!

Heart Shaped Face

For heart shaped faces, like Taylor Swift, long or short hairstyles are both good. The trick is to add some style and most go for the side-swept bangs. The main objective is to minimize the width on the top of the face. Try Kendall Jenner’s loose waves keep the cut youthful—and draw attention to her strong jaw without looking harsh, or a long bob (lob) with a few long layers like our favorite Korean actress Song Hye Kyo.


Hair styles are primarily all about geometry and shapes. The basic rule is that if you have a wide face, remember the importance of lengthening and for long faces, shortening is required. Determine your face shape before your next appointment with your hair stylist, and you’ll know what to request for.

Thinking of short hair? Bob Vs Lob

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