Wedding is the ultimate moment for a bride to stand out and look magnificent. Dress and make up may play an important role, but hair is like a crown, a woman may lose her elegance and femininity without it. Just like Sophia Loren said, “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful, and a beautiful woman unforgettable.”

Ready to look timeless? You will never be embarrassed to look back at your old wedding pictures as these top 6 wedding hair-dos will make you look classic, elegant, and timeless.


The Half Down Half Up 


Also known as a fish tail, this hairstyle is a hot trend since the release of the movie “Frozen”. This will make you look straight out of fairy tale without much efforts. Half down half up hair-do gives a romantic and effortless look and can work with any type of wedding dress. You can add pieces of flowers in between the braids to create a more feminine vibe.


Veronica Curls

Veronica curls is a classic Hollywood look that has been worn from time to time.  Deep side parts, graduated waves, and soft curls give you a vintage movie star look. Parting your hair to one side can highlight your cheekbones, or if you have a round face, you can split it in to two sides to cover the roundness of your face. This romantic hair-do matches well with long vintage wedding dresses, and takes you back to the old classic days.


Bouffant Bun


Bouffant is a French word that refers to extreme volume which many girls love on their hair. If you have thin and frail hair and feel that it looks dull and lacks volume, consider a bouffant. It gives you a full classy and distinctive look.


Romantic Chignon Bun


Romantic chignon bun will soften your face if you have a distinctive feature and want to soften it up. This simple twist sleek bun is perfect for those who want to achieve a sleek with romantic curls to frame the face. This hair-do suits any face shape.


Braid Bun

Want a bohemian look? Try a braid bun. This bohemian chic look has been worn by many Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. As you can see, Jessica Alba pulled off this hair-do beautifully. If you have a small oval face, this hairstyle will make your face look wider.


Tousled Bun 


Tousled bun is all about great texture. This elegant hairstyle emphasizes on hair texture, especially if you already have highlights. A highlighted hair suits perfectly with this hair-do because of different shade throughout the hair strand that will make the messy texture game strong.

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