Thinking of getting layers for your next hair cut? Layering is a perfect way to give illusion of length and volume, add dimension and thickness, and flatter your looks. Of course, having the right layers mostly depends on your face shape, and certain layered styles work better than others. Here are some tips on best layered hairstyles based on your face shape.

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Round Face

How To Tell If You Have A Round Face?

–  The length of your cheekbones and face should have a similar measurement
–  Your cheekbones should be larger than forehead and jawline
–  The angle of your jaw supposed to look soft


Celebrity With Round Face? Selena Gomez, Isyana Sarasvati, Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone

Layers Dos

  • Long layers is the ideal choice for round face, since it gives the illusion that helps elongate the face
  • Wavy textured layers is also a good choice, since it gives soft waves that enhances texture on the ends and keeps dense ends from appearing too thick.

Layers Don’ts

  • Try to avoid chin-length blunt short layers, since they tend to give the illusion of a rounder face.


Square Face

How To Tell If You Have A Square Face?

– Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are supposed to have the same width
– Square and bony jawline is a prominent feature
– The angle of your jaw supposed to look sharp


Celebrity With Square Face? Raline Shah, Chelsea Olivia, Kylie Jenner, Miranda Kerr

Layers Dos

  • For short hair, try an edgy asymmetrical cut with tons of spiky layers.
  • For medium to long hair, feathery layers that fall around the jaw line will be great since it would add a feminine
  • Dramatic long layers with big, bold curls can also look great.

Layers Donts

  • Avoid choppy all-one-length bob-type hairstyles, because it would give more attention to the squareness of the jawline.


Oval Face

How To Tell If You Have An Oval Face?

– Your face should be gracefully taper toward the chin
– You should have an elongated feature from forehead to the chin
– You might have a prominent looking chin


Celebrity With Oval Face? Dian Sastrowardoyo, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Iskandar,

Layers Dos

  • Oval face shape has endless options when it comes to layers.
  • Long layers, choppy layers or even blunt-cut ones are options that can be looked into
  • Classic wavy long layers can also be great, because it can give a sort of framed look for your face.

Layers Don’ts 

  • Avoid super short layers because they can actually accentuate your face shape and make it look longer than it really is.

Heart Face

How To Tell If You Have A Heart Face?

– Your face should strongly taper towards the chin area
– Your chin tends to be the point area of your face
– Your forehead might be your most prominent feature


Celebrity With Heart Face? Tatjana Saphira, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Velove Vexia

Layers Dos

  • The right layers for heart shaped face will be chin-length or longer
  • The layer can be blunt, wispy, or choppy but the most important thing to focus on is the length
  • Textured layers would also be quite great with this face shape, as long as it is not too straight.

Layers Don’ts

  • Length is so important to heart-shaped faces because too-short layers can add height to your hair. If you really want short hair, avoid the ‘triangle shape’ that can be left behind by a blunt cut, and try a soft subtle short layers instead.
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