Attention to all medium length hair ladies! Have you been wanting to spice up your hair with new hairstyle looks? Well, we’ve got you covered! Instead of cutting your hair, embrace your medium length by trying out these chic hairstyle ideas inspired by celebrities!

The Classic Bangs

Try reinventing your look by bringing back the bangs! Not only is it a timeless look but it can also accentuate your face shape and sharpen your facial features. Bangs are perfect for both classic and edgy girls as it can be styled in fun ways as seen on Blackpink’s Lisa above, a perfect hairdo for a fresh new look!


The Effortless Side Braid

Do you have an unexpected lunch date or do you need to run to the groceries for a quick run? This easy hairstyle look is perfect for one of those days where you are in a hurry but you want to look well put together and effortless at the same time. Try out this effortless braid look the way actress Adinia Wirasti styled it! Keep the side braid simple, gently pull out some hair at the top to give it some volume and let out some long bangs to compliment the face shape.  


The Side Wave Bangs

We think that fashion and beauty vlogger Jenn Im looks absolutely stunning in this elegant hairdo! This look is perfect for a formal event or even casual occasions as it gives the hair stunning structure. Change the way you style your bangs by parting it to one side and add more volume for a defined look. Another tip is to blow out the bottom layers of the hair to give a lively shape like the way Jenn styled it!


The Long Bangs

Are you having a dilemma of whether to cut your bangs or keep it? Before you make that decision, we would like you to try styling your long bangs the way supermodel, Liu Wen, does it! Blow your bangs along with the bottom layers of your hair to give a dramatic look that automatically gives the hair a nice shape and secure the bottom parts of the hair with a bit of hairspray or hair gel and you’re good to go!


The Curly Lob

The ‘long bob’ or can also be referred as the ‘lob’ is a hit Hollywood trend that has celebrities sporting this look. One of them being the beautiful Jamie Chung! This look is perfect for a relaxed weekend as it is easy to pull off and also low maintenance. You can use a curling iron to create loose curls and secure the look with a hair mousse and you are ready to seize your day!

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