First time coloring your hair and want to try something soft and subtle? Hair toning may be an option for you. Hair toners are semi-permanent hair coloring that is very mild and non-damaging to your hair. Its ammonia-free ingredient is great for boosting and reviving hair colors that has faded, while adding shine and reflection.

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The Zalonku Glam Team stopped by Alfons Salon’s newly launched location at Lotte Shopping Avenue Kuningan to see how well their hair toning experience will turn out. Check out Conny and Charlotte’s classy transformation below!

Conny’s Experience

I wanted to try hair toning because my current hair color already looked yellowish, damaged, and dull from my previous bleached hair. I also have sensitive hair scalp and want my hair to look more shiny and healthy. So, I decided to join the fun.

Conny LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility (Front)

I told my hairdresser/stylist, Mba Ani, that I want to get my hair colored but I don’t want to use regular hair color since my hair already looks damaged. She recommended me to try L’Oréal Professionnel‘s DIA RICHESSE Hi Visibility Hair Toning Series because this toner has a new technology of “direct-dye” which results in more shiny hair. The product is also odorless and very suitable for sensitive hair scalp.

Alfons Salon Hair Toning LOreal LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility

After reviewing my current hair color, she applied L’Oréal Professionnel’s Mahogany with a hint of Gold hair toner for 20 minutes (without washing my hair). I loved how I did not feel any burning sensation in my scalp (since my skin tends to be sensitive) during the application process. Mba Ani washed my hair thoroughly to clean the color residue followed by a blow dry.

Conny LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility (Back)

And Voilaa… the result was incredible! I really love my new hair color. It has a reddish top-coat and my old gold brown highlight is still visible and looks brand new.

Charlotte’s Experience

Charlotte LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility (Front)

After going through an intense bleaching process a few years ago, I am rather traumatized when it comes to doing anything to my hair. I was afraid of damaging and making it look worse, since the bleach made it look so coarse. My hairdresser/stylist recommended I try hair toning because toning can be used to cancel out yellow tones, orange tones, brassiness from bleached hair.

Charlotte LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility (Back)

The toning process at Alfons made me feel so much better about my hair, and the hairdresser/stylist also taught me how to take care of my hair and scalp in the future. The ambience of the salon is very sleek and bright, which made me feel relaxed. Overall, I am very happy with the result, as it instantly made my hair look bouncier and healthier!


LOreal Diarichesse Hi-Visibility

L’Oréal Professionnel DIA RICHESSE Color Service starts from IDR 350.000. Result usually lasts for 2 months.

Alfons Lotte Shopping Avenue
Lotte Shopping Avenue GF Unit 23 (Near Starbucks)
Ciputra World, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio , Jakarta Selatan 12940
Telp. (021) 2988 9067

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