Looking for hair makeover but too terrified to do something cray? Ombre, Balayage and Baby Lights are the hottest trends right now, and we have put up a comparison together for you to show your stylist on your next date. Changing your hair color is one of the best ways to change up your look during the holidays! Here is the hottest hair coloring trends you may want to consider:


Let’s start with Ombre


Shay Michelle, The PLL actress choosing Ombre with warm color shades

We are aware what Ombre is: the gradual blending of one color hue to the next ones that creates flawless gradation on your hair. While Ombre is a little daring and takes more time to process (ranges from 3 – 6 hours), it can result in beautiful blends of dark to light tones that will make everyone stare. From pink blush to magenta, or dark brown to ash, it really depends on the color you aim to achieve and what you currently have right now. In order to create that contrast color, bleaching may be required.


The difference effects between Balayage & Ombre.




Riri looking fierce with warm sun kissed on Balayage 

So what is Balayage? Balayage (Pronounced: balāˈyäZH) comes from the French word ‘sweep’ or ‘to paint’, good to know right? Balayage is basically a technique for highlighting your hair that gives more dimension and volume. It aims to create that natural look and gives you head turner effects when you walk into the room. Whether you have short or long hair, balayage is suitable for any hair length, so you can kiss goodbye to any dull boring hair!


And how is it done?


Balayage adds volume & dimension to your hair

The process varies depends on your hair length and desired result. The hair stylist will put your hair on the backing board with a brush to make sure every inch of your hair gets that extra color you need to pull off the desire look. Some colorists like to separate few parts of the hair first and do the rest later. Here are some color recommendations for you to glam up your hair in time for the holidays!


Balayage warm color shades


Baby Lights


Baby lights on Gigi Hadid

While balayage highlights are chunkier to create the dimension and volume, babylights are a combination of highlights, lowlights and ombre but extremely fine and natural looking. In order to create this subtle look, highlights are very fine at the roots, brighter highlights around the face with lighter ends. The hair is separated into itsy-bitsy sections and color is applied to each group of strands and left for more than an hour. Yes, it’s costly and time-consuming, but you’re left with a more multi-dimensional, radiant, natural-looking hair tone.

Still confused which hair coloring style that can give little nudge on your look?  Consider making an appointment with a professional hair stylist for a consultation.


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