Beauty has always been about instant gratification. Getting a team of beauty professionals to show up at the door-steps of your home is no longer a privilege reserved just for celebrities and the wealthy.

Go-Glam, our first beauty on-demand app in Indonesia, gathers hair stylists, beauticians and manicurists to your home or office, made possible thanks to Gojek, our country’s leading transportation startup.

We gave it a try and tested out the full Go-Glam experience with Jessica, a new mommy holding down a full-time job. Convenience is her ultimate top priority. Let’s Go Go Go Glam her up!

Go Glam How to Order

Kudos for punctuality, as the Go-Glam team arrived before Jessica even returned home! Sri was in charge of the manicure and pedicure, while Tantri handled the cream bath and blow dry.

Sri only needed warm water to prepare for the pedi-mani experience since the team already brought their own supplies – towels, basin and stool. Jessica’s pedicure started with soaking her feet in warm water mixed with delicious bath salts, followed by scrubbing, nail filing and cuticle removal, all before proceeding with foot massage and nail polish application.

Go Glam

While getting pampered in the comforts of her own home, the friendly manicurist presented every shade of OPI collection for her to choose from. Jessica felt like a queen!

Go Glam6

We also learnt from the beauticians that they had prior work experience at home salons and A-list salons all around Jabetabek (usually averaging 2 years of experience).

Go Glam

As for cream bath, Go-Glam has two brands for selection; Makarizo and L’oreal Matrix Sensoria. We decided to trying Makarizo Black Chocolate flavor as it is the most highly requested one.

Go Glam3

Our therapist, Tantri, slathered a generous amount of Makarizo cream on Jessica’s damp hair, and massaged the cream in for 30 minutes until the hair is well conditioned. She then proceeded with a warmly soaked head wrap, followed by a shoulder and back massage for another 30 minutes. Once the relaxing massage was completed, the hair was rinsed with a blow-dry to end the session.

Go Glam Cream Bath

When done simultaneously, both treatments lasted for about 2 hours.

“I love the salon experience,” Jessica says, “but since I am a new mommy with a 5-months old baby, I’m always stretched for time. Having someone come directly to me makes the spa-like experience possible and more convenient. It’s the best of both worlds. I get to relax while looking after my baby at the same time. A beauty professional is now so easy to order!“

Go Glam

Special Offer!

Lucky for us, Go Glam is offering a deep 30% discount for first time user! With Cream bath starting at IDR 120.000 and OPI Mani-Pedi at IDR 150.000, Go Glam is pampering us for less than IDR 100.000! No code required. Valid until March 30th 2016.

*30% Discount for all treatments (excluding hair coloring and waxing)


Brought to you in partnership with Go Glam by Gojek.
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