Here we sum up the most gorgeous hairstyles for your Rapunzel locks. With long hair, hairstyles options are endless. These styles are not only stunning, but also easy to do, even if you only have a few minutes in the morning!

Classic Double Braids


If you spend most of your time outdoors, this is the hairstyle for your long tresses. Yes, you can make just one braid, but you also can easily pull off two braids for a classy yet chic look. You can opt to make tight braids, or loosen them up to add more volume to your hair. And if your hair is (literally) colorful, they will look even cuter—just like Twice’s Dahyun!

Sexy Waves


Yes, yes, we agree that Raisa is effortlessly chic from the day she was born. But look at her simple hairstyle! Everyone with long hair can easily pull off this hairstyle. You can steal her look by curling just the ends of long layers and a bit work from your fingers will make the waves look natural. Or, if you want something more permanent, opt for a perm for a longer lasting effect and a bit of hairspray. Voila!

Half Bun


Try this effortless half bun like Baifern Luevisadpaibul. Simply tie the upper part of your hair with a rubber band, and let the rest flowing loose. As for the bun, you can just leave it like Baifern did, or attach your favorite hairpin on it. This is the style when you get bored with the length of your bangs, but still hesitate to chop them off.

Side Part


If you’re going to a formal event and want to have an elegant look, try this simple hairstyle like Song Hye Kyo’s. You can curl the end parts of your hair or just leave it naturally straight. Secure your hair with bobby pins and hairspray, and you’re ready to go. Did you know that this hairstyle make your face look slimmer?

Messy Bun


You will never go wrong with messy bun. This hairstyle is not only practical for daily look, but also make you look effortlessly polished. Simply pull your hair into a high pony, wrap the length of your pony into a bun, and twist it as you go. Secure with bobby pins, and now you have this chic hairstyle like Citra Kirana has!

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