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What you should do before you decide to be grey and totally look cool.

Get your hair in tip top condition – The process for going grey will no doubt cause your hair a lil bit dried than before, but you can minimize this by making sure your hair is strong and healthy beforehand. Try a deep conditioning treatment one or two weeks before your appointment – and be prepared to have some of the length chopped off to minimize damage.

Care for Grey Hair


What if your hair was dyed black?

Well, that’s a very difficult case and we can’t help if your hair was dyed black in past 2 years. Why? Because black-dye is the strongest among all color that goes deep into root. We can’t do anything, even several bleaching won’t change the hair pigment much. As result, the new hair color will not look good entirely. Instead you will see black hair in several parts, and lighter hair in another. Best you can do is waiting until your black hair fade naturally and thoroughly.

Be prepared for the timely process

Hair Bleach Step 1

Going grey is the same as going platinum blonde, its a timely process involving a hair test, at least 2 – 3x bleaching, and the dyeing itself. Your stylist will no doubt have to do a double color process. This can take up to several hours depending on your hair’s conditions and length. It can be between 4-7 hours.

Hair test will be done first during the bleaching process to know how far your hair can take the bleaching process towards grey hair. If your hair become fragile during bleaching process, our stylist will notify you and stop the bleaching process immediately. We will provide another color alternative for you, either blue or purple.
Hair Tone Step 2

At times, we also suggest our customer to choose purple as alternative because purple will take any yellow undertones left by the bleach and fade to grey hair within 2-3 months.

How Purple Gives Greg Hair

Our client hair transformation from purple – light purple – grey hair.

BloBar Client Results

The last step is the dye process. Be patient and feel free to bring snacks, books, listen to music if you want too. We provide WiFi, drinks and there’s a lot of food stalls nearby.

Hair Dye Step 3

How to care for your new grey hair?

Grey is a color that washes out easily — so you may have to return to the salon to touch up the color every 6-8 weeks. To keep the color glossy and protect your locks, invest in silver-toned shampoos or use dry shampoo so you don’t have to wash everyday.

Caring for Grey Hair

How much does it cost?

It depends on your hair length…Blobar Hair Length Type

And depends on how much bleaching and color product used to achieve that perfect grey hair. Leftover color product will be given to you so you can use it again when your hair fade.

BlorBar Price List

We give complimentary FREE 1x bleaching, serum, vitamin, blow dry, and consultation for you. Welcome to the grey hair club!

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