These days, keeping your hair its natural color just seems blah…. Almost every celebrity is sporting ombre, mermaid blue, or (dyed) gray strands. We spoke with Merry O, a fashion graduate & owner of Osalon; about her hair journey & what it really takes to have a new look EVERY month! 


1. What inspired you to dye your hair?Merry O @ O Salon

It’s a “who” question for me. Kelly Osbourne and Ivania Carpio!!!

2. Did you dye your hair by yourself or have someone do it for you? 

For hair bleaching, I go to salons (quite random, ga pake langganan). For hair dye, sometimes salons, quite many times it’s DIY-ed.

3. When you dye it on your own, how many different dyes did you have to buy to do this?

Depends on the colors I was trying to get, and most importantly… Depends on products available in the market, which is not too many options in my opinion. So I was basically just go along with anything I could find that I think would turn out to be good enough. If I couldn’t find colors that I wanted, then quite many times I would mix colors. Sometimes I would just use one color, without mixing.

I’m not that specific in my opinion, I’m easy. These colors fades easily anyway on bleached hair. So I just took it easy and had fun with my trials.

4. How do you usually dye your hair and how long did this take?

I started from the lower part, and work my way up to the top and front part of my hair. Make sure to cover each hair evenly. It takes about 1 hour.

5. Your hair still looks so great after all the coloring! What’s the secret to keeping your hair healthy?

I use hair mask as my daily hair conditioner. Always apply hair oils before blow-dry and styling. And I put organic macadamia oil in my food), it’s good for your hair and skin.

Merry O6. What are some tips for staying creative and inspired?

Gather information from different sources. Talk to creative minds. Listen from people with experiences. Pick some role models. Do not lose yourself, be yourself.

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