Balayage and ombre hairstyles are everywhere right now. But are you ready for what’s next in multi-dimensional hair color? We have put up a list of hair color trends together for you to show your stylist on your next date. Changing your hair color is one of the best ways to change up your look!

Ecaille Tortoiseshell

Ecaille, also known as ‘tortoiseshell’, because it involves the colors you see on a tortoise shell: golden blonde, chestnut, mahogany, chocolate, honey and other sunny tones. The key here is that it’s multidimensional, which means many tones are being painted. Consider it a much more sophisticated version of the ombre we know and love. Ombre can feel solid, or color blocked, ecaille gives a warmer, softer, hence richer, more luxurious feeling than ombre.


Strong Streaks

Strong streaks are making a come back! While Ecaille gives you a softer look, strong streaks give you a bolder look, adding a few chunky pieces of color. The key is to keep streaks thick and obvious for an edgier effect. Spice up the dark color and add dimension to your hair with thick highlights throughout small sections, which also makes thin hair look fuller.



Babylights are a combination of highlights, lowlights and ombre, and take inspiration from what little girls’ hair looks like. It’s a very fresh and natural look with fine highlights at the roots, brighter highlights around the face with lighter ends. The hair is separated into itsy-bitsy sections and color is applied to each group of strands and left for more than an hour. Yes, it’s costly and time-consuming, but you’re left with a more multi-dimensional, radiant, natural-looking hair tone.


As these coloring techniques are still very new, so make sure to bring a few pictures with you to get the right look. Also, keep your face shape and skin tone in mind. Pick a darker tone for the front strands if you have a broad face, and pick a lighter tone around your face if you have a slimmer face. Remember, never skimp on the after-care, always condition, condition, condition!

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