In this modern era, we often look at advertisements or magazines and want the exact style we see. Then we find ourselves googling and searching through Pinterest for DYI inspirations. Those DIY hair tutorial on the internet seem so easy to do, but in reality, we usually don’t achieve the same result.

DYI hairdos

Here is an article dedicated to professional hairdressers/stylists! Why we love them and why are they just really good at what they do. The average person does not know much about porosity, density and elasticity. Professionals have gone to school and passed their board exam qualifying them to cut, color perm, and style all types of hair.

Take our famous international hair stylist, Guy Tang (@guy_Tang), as an example. Best known for his breathtaking hair color designs, Guy Tang graduated from Jenks Beauty School and took Paul Mitchell training courses, before becoming the top educator and celerity hair stylist based in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.



A professional stylist has the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of cutting, dyeing and styling hair because of their skilled techniques, education, and experience. It requires technique and years of experience to achieve fabulous and fierce hair color – dark hair to blonde, ombré or balayage, or hair that’s already been colored or bleached recently. In addition, hair dyes used in salons have active developers, which allow colors to penetrate the hair, thus making it more long lasting. At-home dyes may not have these ingredients. Instead of penetrating the hair, they simply stain it, which is why they fade quicker than salon dyes.



I still remember my latest visit to salon in Jakarta – the warm smile, the sound of hair dryer, the delightful chit-chat between hair stylists and clients, the nice smelling of shampoo and conditioner. Notice a missing service? Hair massage! The essential part you will always skip at home. Getting pampered by salon is the best hair vitamin. You ask the hairdresser to create the hair volume you want and voila! The outcome always appears to be exactly what you want.

May May Salon hair stylist

Every person has different hair concerns, therefore it is better to visit a salon to know what is the most suitable for you. The best salons and hairdressers will always give you an in-depth consultation. Choosing the wrong product can also cause allergy to your health and body immune system. It is better to spend cash at the salon instead of doctor, right?

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