Nothing will flatter your face like bangs. Recently, international and Indonesian celebrities are brought to attention through their bangs. Thinking of getting bangs? Before you make a cut, consider which bangs are suitable for your face shape first.

Round Face


Cut straight across like a doll and super blunt bangs are a big no-no for round faces as they may make your face look fuller and chubbier. Instead, try side bangs to flatter the round face to make your face look longer like an oval shape. Side bangs are always a good idea for round faces! Look how Kirtsten Dunst’s side swept layer break the roundness of her round face.

If you are tired of side bangs and want to be more daring, opt for a really short bang above the brows. The short bang will create an illusion of a longer face and gives an impression of a more youthful and fresh look.


Oval Face


If you are born with this face shape, you are lucky! Because all type of bangs will probably work with an oval face shape. You can play with drama, heavy, soft-layered bangs or any other kind of different bangs. We always love how Song Hye Kyo and Zooey Deschannel always rock on with her iconic bangs.


Square Face

If you have a square face like Luna Maya and Olivia Wilde, choose a long wispy fringe with longer fringe in the cheekbones. Bangs are all about illusion. The goal of this bang is to make your square face more proportional and creates softness since the jawline is already quite prominent. Similar to round faces, square faces also have to avoid super straight and thick bangs.


Long Face

Similar to oval face, long face is narrower and longer. Straight across bangs and blunt bangs will help give an illusion of a shorter face. Another option for long faces is do it like SNSD’s Tiffany and Alexa Chung with bradot bangs, the effect of this bangs is to create a more oval shape look.


Heart Shaped Face

Taylor Swift Heart Face

Heart shaped face is pretty similar to oval face but the difference is that heart shape face has a thinner jawline with a wider forehead. The goal for those who has a heart shaped face is to balance these elements. Try side bangs to bring the attention to the eyes, lip and center of the face. One of our favorite heart shaped beauty, Taylor Swift, seems to love her timeless swept across bangs.


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