Sometimes it could be a challenge to find a salon that has all the beauty treatments you need. We go to this salon for hair treatment, that salon to get our nails done, and another one to have a relaxing body massage. But, there is one salon that can provide you with multiple beauty treatments in one place: Makaffah Salon & Bridal.

Originated from Bandung, Makaffah opened their latest Jakarta branch in August 2017. Founded by young entrepreneur Sukma, Makaffah offers one-stop-shopping concept, so customers can get head-to-toe treatments under one roof. At a glance you might think that Makaffah is a Muslimah salon (only for hijab), but Makaffah is open for all women.

Recently, Zalonku had an opportunity to visit the salon and tried their beauty treatments. When Zalonku team entered the salon, it felt like home—spacious, clean, and comfortable. The lobby on the first floor serves as waiting room and bridal wardrobe, while all beauty treatments are centered on the second floor. The pink and peach interior really breathes feminine vibes.

We were welcomed warmly by Sukma who explained their must-try treatments. “Our favorite signature treatment in our Bandung and Jakarta branch is the “Hair Problems” package, which are available for various hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, dry-ends, and many others,” she said. “But in our Jakarta branch, we add Sugarbearhair vitamin to our hair repairing treatments, because sometimes ladies need more than hair mask or spa to treat their hair. Sugarbearhair supplies nutrition from within, so the treatment will be more optimal.”












Other favorite requests from Makaffah’s customers are nail art treatments using Inglot, and traditional massage. “Inglot’s nail polishes have different ingredients than other brands. It needs special skills to make nail art using Inglot, but you can get it here,” explained Sukma. Unfortunately, the nail artist was not there when we visited the salon so we couldn’t try the treatment.

Makaffah also has a wide variety of traditional massages to choose from, but the signature massage is Massage Boreh. It is a Balinese traditional massage using special herbs and oils, which gives warming sensation to the body. Sukma said that the massage is good to cure sore muscles or when you’re feeling unwell.

We were curious about their favorite treatments, so we decided to try Sugarbearhair treatment for hair fall and traditional massage. The treatment started with hair wash and application of Matrix Scalp Serum. Then the therapist applied hair mask cream along with a light massage, which has relaxing sensation. While our hair was wrapped in warm towel, she massaged our neck, shoulders, back, and hands. We had to admit that the massage was amazing! The treatment was finished with hair wash, blow dry, and a piece of Sugarbearhair vitamin. After the treatment the hair felt so smooth and silky.

The traditional massage itself was very enjoyable. The therapist knows really well how to adjust the pressure in certain areas of our body. And just like the massage on hair treatment, it felt really amazing. The massage really treated our sore muscles and made us feel so relaxed!

Compared to other similar salons, Makaffah has a wide variety of treatments to choose, and the affordable prices make your routine beauty treats guilt-free! Rontok 2 package that we had starts at Rp115,500, while the traditional massage starts at Rp110,000. Moreover, the fact that the salon is only for women allows you to enjoy the treatments here comfortably (we know that sometimes you don’t want male therapist massages your shoulders during hair treatment, right?).

It was a very pleasant day for us to experience the beauty treatments at Makaffah Salon & Bridal. We will definitely come back for other treatments, especially the nail art.

Products used: Matrix (for hair treatments and coloring), Ilvasto (hair coloring), Inglot Nail Polishes, Sugarbearhair Vitamin


Jalan Nangka Raya No 1000D Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta
Phone 087883662725/02122701343

Jalan Jend. H. Amir Machmud No 584 Cimahi, West Java
Phone 022-86001460/0812222123301

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