Top luxury hair salons boast the best hair stylists who can really change up your look—but at a price. So what will that perfect hair cut cost? We’ve rounded up the expensive hair stylists in the city. Ready for a priceless makeover? Take a dip in your wallet at these splurge-worthy hair salons with some of the most well known hair stylists in Jakarta.

Chandra Gupta

Gupta Chandra Salon

Chandra Gupta is the first Indonesian and Asian hairstylist whose hair creation landed on the cover of Estetica World magazine. With over 35 years of experience, Chandra Gupta has styled the hair of famous celebrities, including Krisdayanti, Yuni Shara, Ivan Gunawan, Adinda Thomas, and Inul Daratista. It has been well known that his haircut resembles the characteristic of the finest wines: it gets better with time, or in this case, hair growth.

Salon: Chandra Gupta Salon | Taman Anggrek Mall & Puri Indah Mall
Hair Cut: Rp 1.320.000
Product: Kerastase & L’Oreal
AppointmentChandra Gupta Salon Branches


Marc Chong at De Salon by Marc

Marc Chong | De Salon by Marc

Located in the most luxurious mall in Jakarta, Marc’s intimate salon doesn’t just give you an exquisite cut, but privacy fit for a star. With experience cutting hair in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Amsterdam, Marc has developed an international sense of style of what makes clients look good. Marc’s client list includes famous socialists like Marcia Sumampow and Fitria Yusuf, and is known for his long lasting cuts.

Salon: De Salon By Marc | Plaza Indonesia Beauty Floor 4/F
Hair Cut: Rp 1.500,000 + 500.000 (1st Visit Consultation)
Product: Goldwell & Davines
Appointment: 021 2992 3893


Rudy Hadisuwarno

Rudy Hadisuwarno

As a mentor of some of Indonesia’s best hair stylists such as Johnny Andrean and Peter F. Saerang, Rudy Hadisuwarno is the mastermind behind Indonesia’s salon world. Since his first salon establishment in 1968, Pak Rudy now has over 145 Salons, and Hair & Makeup Academies all across Indonesia. It was also Pak Rudy who invented “cream bath”, our famous Indonesia ‘s scalp-massage treatment, in the 1970s.

Salon: Rudy Hadisuwarno | Plaza Indonesia Beauty Floor 4/F
Hair Cut: Rp 2.250.000
Product: Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetic & Shiseido
Appointment: 021 2992 3825


Peter F Saerang

Peter F. Saerang

Peter F Saerang charges roughly the same as Rudy Hadisuwarno and has a similarly long list of celebrity and socialite clients queuing up in his prestige salon. Join by the likes of the royal family member of Brunei and Madame Dewi Sukarno, Peter F. Saerang currently has 10 salons and still works every day in his salon in Jakarta on the Beauty Floor of Plaza Indonesia.

Salon: Peter F Saerang | Plaza Indonesia Beauty Floor 4/F
Hair Cut: Rp 2.250.000
Product: Palazo
Appointment: 021 2992 3798


Bono Yip at Le Salon


Bono has a significant, styled look which clients come to his salon specifically for (and pay Rp 3.000.000 for it). Having styled many famous names in Jakarta, Bono is a Socialite-A-lister hair stylist with over 20 years of experience, and delivers dry hair cut technique that will flow naturally after shampoo. Known to make a delicate personal enhancement to each of his clients in his salon, it’s well worth it for someone who wants a little taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

Salon: Le Salon | Pacific Place Mall 1st floor #11
Hair Cut: Rp 3.000.000
Product: Shiseido & Goldwell
Appointment: 021 5797 3883

Best Rp 400.000 – Rp 700.000 Hair Cuts in Jakarta!

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