After not hitting the hair salon for a year (since I was abroad and had to be tight with my budget), I’ve come to a point where I urgently need to get professional care to restore my overdue damaged hair. I miss my hairdresser, the relaxing feeling I get at the hair salon where I know I am in good hands.

Why Going to the Salon is Better than DYI?

There are many articles on home treatments and how to’s list on the Internet, however, not all information is accurate or suitable for us. Whatever method I tried, it usually led to uncertain results. It was frustrating when my at-home treatment wasn’t working like it used to, so I consulted my favorite hairdressers in Jakarta for professional help. They are well-trained on hair treatments and can help address my damaged hair immediately.


The Treatment that’s Got You Covered!

There are different types of hair treatments available in the salon, and results may vary depending on hair type and level of damage. My hair stylist recommended L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment as it has three different types of treatments for different type of hair concerns.

How do you decide? The hair stylist will first analyze your hair condition, ask about your current hair care routine and what result you want to achieve. After consultation, they will recommend the program that is best-suited for you.
Loreal Pro Fiber hair treatment

L’Oréal Pro Fiber Treatments classifies hair damaged into 3 levels:

Slightly Damaged Hair:
Hair that has less shine, duller hair color and thinner ends (usually caused by heat styling). Pro Fiber Rectify range is recommended for this kind of hair.

Damaged Hair:
Hair with rough texture, dull appearance, an uneven color and split ends, (usually affected by coloring, highlighting and heat styling). Pro Fiber Restore range is recommended.

Very Damaged Hair:
Hair with very rough texture, faded color and split ends mostly because of dying process. Pro Fiber Reconstruct range will definitely fix the problem.


After the in-salon treatment, you will also take home the shampoo, conditioner or mask and leave-in to continue the treatment at home. The result is absolute softer hair and manageable thanks to this efficient, quick and effective system from L’Oréal Professionnel, not to mention the pleasant scent it gives to your hair.


Professional salon treatments definitely saved me time and gave me a stress-free result. Moving from one product to another to find what works actually made me spend more money with a smaller chance of success. Consider it as great investment! It totally worth every penny!


Brought to you in partnership with L’Oréal Professionnel.
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