When we decide to perm, curl, bleach, or highlight our hair, it is probably a good idea to take care of it afterwards. Along with our regular conditioning and hair mask at home, getting a hair treatment in the salon is a great way to repair your damaged and weaken hair with speed. An end to bad hair days forever? Take a look at our four new Hair Salon Treatments in Jakarta that will help restore your hair back to former glory.

Alfaparf’s Lisse Design​ ​Keratin Smoothing Treatment by​ J Faith Salon​ (Newest!)


It is essentially a hair smoothing treatment, with results lasting up to ​6​ months. Alfaparf’s Lisse Design is not a reconstructive treatment, but designed to replenish and strengthen hair with Keratin, calm frizz with collagen, smooth curls and enhance shine. Extra bonus? Alfaparf Keratin​ Smoothing​ Treatment is formaldehyde and paraben-free, making it 100% safe for international standards.


What is it good for? 

Frizzy, curly, or damaged hair. Leaving ​the ​hair s​uper smooth and shinny​, and overall manageable again. ​Keratin treatment is a well worth investment as you spend less time and money straightening your own hair ​and/or going to the ​hair ​salon​​. ​Life will get so much easier!​


What’s the process?

​Stylist starts with a ​deep ​cleansing​ with keratin shampoo to remove any product build up​. ​This treatment is ‘painted’ on dry hair ​​with a liquid ​lotion ​and left to do its magic ​for 20 minutes. Hair ​is then blow dried​ again​​​​, and ​keratin ​lotion ​is ​applied​ onto ​the​ hair​, leaving the cuticle exposed for ultimate deposit of the keratin treatment. Hot​ flat​ iron ​is ​used to smooth the hair and ​infuse​ keratin ​into hair strands ​​(longest part of the process)​. it is recommended to leave keratin on hair for 24 hours. After 24 hours, wash keratin out of hair twice, towel dry and apply hair mask (provided by J Faith Salon) for 15 minutes.


Cost: ​Starts at IDR 750.000
Duration: 2 hours​


The Hair Reset Treatment With Olapex – BLOW + BAR

BLOW + BAR is the only salon in Jakarta at the moment that uses Olaplex for their hair treatment. Olapex used by top hairdressers around the world is now a revolutionary product that repairs broken bonds within the hair shaft. Olaplex is a game-changer for anyone who loves their hair color. It’s not a conditioner or a protein treatment- it’s a “bond multiplier” loved by celebrity fans like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.


What is it good for? 

Great for the overly damaged hair due to chemical process since it restores hair elasticity back to its original condition and maintains its integrity even after you go through another chemical process hair makeover.


What’s the process?

Similar to a hair spa treatment, the treatment includes a massage and steam. Blow + Bar Salon kicks it up a notch by using two supplements for extra nourishment. Then the therapist wash them all out and blow out your hair for the perfect finish.

Costs: IDR 800.000

Duration: 2 Hours


Anti Aging Regenerating Hair Treatment – J.F. Lazartigue Salon

J.F. Lazartigue, a renowned hair care specialists in France, created a brand out of himself by developing a hair and scalp analysis to determine a personalized treatments for each costumer. His best selling product, Ultra-Regenerating Mask, is a mask that helps prevent natural oxidation and regenerates hair from the inside. You can get the full experience with this mask by getting the Anti Aging Regenerating Hair Treatment in their salons.


What is it good for? 

It’s for devitalized, rough, dry, brittle or damaged hair. The hyaluronic acid, keratin, and collagen on the mask can repair the damaged hair part almost instantly, which is why it is often called “Hair Botox”.


What’s the process?

After applying the hair mask, your hair is shampooed and steamed using ozone aromatherapy steamer. The treatment also features a massage and personalized shampoo recommendation for each hair type.

Costs: IDR 550.000

Duration: 60 to 90 mins (depends on hair length)


Smooth ’n Shine Nano Keratin System – May May Salon

NanoKeratin System has been taking over the world this past year with its treatment that promises to bring hair back to its optimum health. This luxurious treatment deeply penetrates the smallest hair fibers, leaving straight, frizz-free locks in its place. As of this moment, the only NanoKeratin System that are available in Jakarta is only at May May Salon. This is no regular hair spa, since it takes commitment to get super healthy hair. This is more like a serious therapy treatment that would surely fix your hair problems.

Note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, contact May May Salon for more details regarding this treatment.

one Piece Nanokeratin Smoothening Treatment

What is it good for? 

It is good for repairing damaged hair, split ends, and to make colored hair shinier, smoother and frizz free.


What’s the process?

Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo for a deep cleanse. A distinctive formula is applied onto the hair packed with hand-selected vitamins and essential oils. The formula is designed to deeply penetrate into the smallest fibers to activate the inner hair cortex and create a shield against environmental elements – including UV rays and other aggressors.

Costs: Starts from Rp. 1.400.000

Duration: 2 Hours


Beautox – One Piece Salon

Let’s not forget your scalp also needs repair too! One Piece Salon’s Beautytox is a great way to get healthy & clean scalp, since it detoxifies the scalp with massage and Plarmia (a carbonated shampoo that protects, cleans the scalp and makes the blood flow to the scalp). It also can give anti aging results that effectively prevent hair falls by adding additional hair vitamins. With this treatment, One Piece Salon also uses their famous carbonated water for the maximum result, which also contributes to cleaning up oil and other residue that cannot be cleaned by normal shampoos.


What is it good for? 

Oily Scalp Problems, hair growth problems, and those that are looking for clean scalp.

What’s the process?

After they bubble up your hair with Shiseido Shampoo, your hair is rinsed off with carbonated water. The fun experience is seeing all the oily gunk out of your scalp. The therapist then applies Plarmia to the scalp with a massage, which results in very clean scalp that will help to reduce any scalp and hair fall problems.

Costs: Rp. 400.000

Duration: 45 minutes

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