Last month, three lucky Zalonku Winners were awarded a Pastel Hair Makeover with three of our favorite salons in Jakarta. While most people stick to a regular brown or copper hair coloring in Jakarta, we applaud our more adventurous set of winners who opt for complete transformations. Here are our winners’ final look that deserve all the compliments!



Winner #1 – Della Wijaya @Blow + Bar Salon

Della Hair Makeover

“I love change, change is good. The new color the purple accent is unique & make the overall color stand-out. It’s the perfect blend of bright colors to embrace new exciting things ahead in the new year. I got a lot of compliments from friends saying how pretty and cool the colors looks on me.” ~ Della Wijaya

Color: Sunkiss with Violet hightlights
Hair Bleached: 3-4 times
Total Hour: 6+ hours

Winner #2 – Sonia Tahir @APT Hair Salon

Sonia Hair Makeover

Sonia Tahir Ash blonde Grey & Pastel Purple highlights


“You can definitely see how the colors on the inner part popped out more than the upper part. and under the sunlight, it looks blu-ish / purple-ish but indoor, it will look grey. I love how it changes colors in different lightings, and how it looks like ombre / balayage, and somehow it doesn’t look grey but green-ish. I feel magical with this hair!” ~ Sonia Tahir (Click here for Sonia’s step by step transformation)

Color: Ash blonde with Grey & Pastel Purple highlights
Hair Bleached: 2 times
Total Hour: 5+ hours

Winner #3 – Thea Ilona @ILOA Salon

“Hair colouring isn’t a new thing to me so I quite know what to expect. But I’ve never bleached my whole hair, so it was super exciting to completely change how you look! Having 1 colour on your head is awesome, having 3 is magical! I definitely love how my hair look – especially under the sunlight, you can see streaks of silver and purple peeking through my now ashy grey-brown locks. Huge thanks to Zalonku & Iloa for this experience!” ~Thea Ilona (Click here for Thea’s step by step transformation)

Color: Ash brown with Purple & Silver highlights
Hair Bleached: 3-4 times
Total Hour Spent: 9+ hours

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