When it comes to hair coloring, there is a spectrum to choose from these days. We all know that balayage and ombre are the hottest color trends right now and can make anyone’s hair look fabulous and gorgeous. But how do we prolong the color, and protect our hair from the coloring chemical damage? We caught up with Mr. Arief Sariffudin, a senior stylist and trainer at Alfons Salon to talk about the secrets of perfecting hair coloring.


When it comes to hair coloring, which method is healthiest for your hair? 

All hair color products are safe to use as long as they are applied correctly. The rule of thumb is always try use less bleaching to minimize hair damage that can cause dry hair and split ends.


Is ombre and balayage really damaging for your hair and are there ways to achieve the look without frying your hair?  

Well, it depends on the color you aim for. Not all ombre and balayage cause hair damage, it depends on the color of your highlight, the lighter the color you want to have, the higher the chemical dozes we need to use for bleaching.


How can we make our hair healthier after getting a color treatment? 

To be safe, it always better to do pre-coloring application. We like Inner Logic from L’Oréal Professionnel because it protects the hair from chemicals we use during the coloring process especially on the cortex of the hair. After hair coloring, we always  rejuvenate the hair with a ‘Série Expert Vitamino Color AOX’ hair mask and ‘Série Expert Powerdose Vitamino Color AOX’.


How long should someone wait before getting the second treatment for ombre/balayage to enhance/lighten the look? 

For the best result, it’s best to wait 2 weeks after hair coloring.


How do you prolong the life of your hair color?

To maintain the hair color, use pre-coloring products (e.g. Inner Logo from L’Oreal) to sustain the color. During bleaching, it is best to use high peroxide to lock in the color.


What is a good hair home treatment you can recommend?

For home treatment, you can do a hair mask once to twice a week to rejuvenate the hair. Using special coloring hair shampoo and conditioner on a weekly basis can also help to preserve the hair color.


What is the one hair product you can’t live without? 

The mandatory hair product I must have is conditioner! It really helps to take care the hair cuticle keeping it healthy and moist.



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