We love short hair on other people, but as a visual person that we are, our fear is the hairstyle we imagine for ourselves will not match with what really happens in the hair salon. If you are thinking of chopping your hair off, or looking for short hair inspiration, look no further. We are telling you why it’s time to take the plunge.

Sonia Eryka

Sonia Eryka

Less Maintenance

Women always think long hair is easy to manage because they can tie it up when they are in a hurry. But most of them ended up hating it because it becomes boring. With shorter hair, there is no more staying in the shower for ages dealing hair masks and conditioners. No more laborious blow dries that leave you hot and sweaty. No more arm ache. It’s just a quick ruffle under the hairdryer, and go.

Anna Hathaway

Anna Hathaway

Pixie cuts or short hair do require frequent visits to the salon to maintains its effortless-looking shape. If you’re constantly on the go or prefer a low-maintenance look, we recommend keeping hair an inch or longer below the shoulders.

Stand Out & Look Sophisticated

Long hair may give a woman a more feminine look but the fact that majority of women in Jakarta have long hair is enough to make your short hair stand out in a crowd. You would surely make heads turn once you show up with a new fierceness look.

Sophistication and short hair have always been synonymous. Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, and Rihanna all graced the public eyes with their short hair, and everyone simply loved them. Cutting your hair short means more attention will be directed to the face, which is why confidence in owning the look is key in pulling it off.

Show Your Individuality and Unique Style


When you decide to go short, you also make that important turn from being just one-of-the-girls to being That Girl. Your new hairstyle will give you that distinguishing quality of being one that is not afraid to experiment. You become the adventurous femme fatale who does and gets what she wants. If you are a career woman and wish to convey you are a cut above the rest, a short hair cut portrays professionalism, high power and success.

If you see someone with a short haircut that you love, ask them for the name of the person that cuts their hair From the bob to the pixie cut, you surely wouldn’t be anything but stylish, sexy, unique and chic. Short hair can lift up your face, and give you a fresh start with a super chic look.

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