When done properly, curls and waves have a softening effect on many women’s features. Before you book yourself an appointment, we asked the expert Felicia from Blow + Bar (Winner of STYLE Magazine 2014 Beauty Awards) to give us her advices on the best and worst perm candidates, how to ensure we get the best results, and tips on how to maintain it after.

Blow + Bar Signature Permanant Blowout After 3 Month

Blow + Bar Signature Permanent Blowout After 3 Month

What are the common complaints you receive about badly done perms?

Too tight or it doesn’t look natural, creating an “Tante” or “Grandma” look and customers have to wait 3 months for the perms to loosen up. Another complain is when the curls start too high at the crown of your head. The most common complaint is perms make the hair dry and frizzy.

What are the causes of these damages?

When the curls are too tight, too high or not natural looking, it’s all goes back to the stylist’s technique. We can all use the same machine but every salon has different rolling techniques. At Blow+Bar, we have mastered techniques that achieve the looks that most customers want.

Just like coloring, when chemical is applied to our hair, there will be some damaged done. The hair can become dry during perming and frizzy due to overheating. Stylist needs to be very careful on setting the perm temperature and using the right amount of perm cream to avoid damaging the hair.

Wavy Digital Perm

Before & After

Are there people who should avoid perming their hair?

Yes. People with too much chemical process done their hair are not advisable to have a perm. Brittle hair will not have nice curls as it will turn out frizzy and dry. Bleached, rebonded, and black colored (heena) hair should avoid perming. We will reject customers with this kind of hair as we do not want to damage it even more and it will not having the end result that our customers want.

Are there certain type of perms good for certain type of faces?

Hmmm.. it’s hard to say because our perms are natural looking so it looks like your own natural hair, and the type of perms depends more on your personal style. That’s why in Blow+Bar we created 10 different Permanent Blowout looks that cater to customer’s style, and to help customers and stylist have the same expectation. For me, I love our Signature look “Vavavoom and Fun”, because it looks more edgy. My partner who has a more feminine style prefers the other Signature look “Glam” for her long silky hair.

 Permanent Blowout Chic

Permanent Blowout Chic

Who are the best candidates for perms/body wave?

The best candidates would be those who have virgin medium to thick hair texture. Finer hair texture will have less bouncy curls. Consultation is very important before doing perms. And, no, perm is not just for long hair. It works for short to long hair.

Before getting a perm, what should we do to prepare our hair to get the best results?

No bleaching. No rebonding/smoothing over the past one year. No henna (black colored dye). If your natural hair is brittle or prone to damage, we advice hair strengthening treatment first. Also, do not perm & color your hair the same day. It’s very damaging!

What products and blow drying tips can you share for maintaining a perm?

Loreal Professional Techni Art PLIKerastase Oleo Curl Creme







For everyday use, Kerastase Oleo Curl Creme to maintain the curls. If you have an event and want to have more volume, use Loreal Professional Techni Art PLI to add that extra natural volume.


messy bun

For blow drying, it’s super easy, no comb, just your fingers. Just twist your hair with your finger in one direction and blow dry from the top if you want a “tame” curls or from the bottom if you want more volume. My personal favorite is I wash my hair at night, blowdry it to 3/4 dry (minimal finger twisting), tie it up to a bun and sleep on it. The next morning, untie the bun and voila, you have your curls!

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  1. brooke tempest

    I got a perm on Oct. 10th – I waited two days to wash my hair so the perm would hold then washed it again after 2 more days and 75% of the perm is gone.

    Of course, I was upset! My stylist recommended the Shielo Intensive Hair Mask – its a deep conditioning treatment because my hair was dry. My hair looks 100 times better! It made the perm come back a little more, it’s not perfect but it looks a whole lot better and I feel a lot better too. I will always have this Shielo product around next time i get a perm – its a saver!

    • Zalonku Girls
      Zalonku Team

      Dear Brooke, our Zalonku Team has notified Blow + Bar about your experience. Thank you.


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