Its time to Embrace Your Natural Waves.

There are two types of curly hair women – those who have managed to accept it and those who fight it on a daily basis. Women with frizzy hair type often find it hardest to accept their natural texture and the default request is to smooth it out. No matter what category you belong to, frizz need not rule your world. We have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts with beauty blogger, Agnes Oryza, our curly hair expert, on how to beat the frizz:


Agnes Oryza Beauty Blogger

• Let it air-dry. Dab the hair until you get all the excessive water out, and instead of dying it with your usual towel, try using a microfiber towel to wrap your hair up, turban-style.

• Blow dry using a diffuser. Diffusers diffuse the heat from the blow dryer and allow you to dry it without blowing strands all over the place. Apply your mousse or gel, split your hair into four equal areas, and bring each area to the hair dryer in circular movements. Don’t separate the strands. The less you touch your hair when it’s curly, the better, especially when it’s in the drying process.

hair diffuser

• Get invisible layers. It makes your curls and waves more lively and bounce up. Having all your hair one length tends to leave your hair all over the place and it doesn’t give it much definition.

• Include a weekly strengthening hair mask in your routine. The key to diminishing frizz is combing the conditioner through your hair. “For hair masks, I love Ellips Hair Mask. You can get it from any supermarkets like Carrefour or Lotte Mart. They are very affordable. For higher price, I like Kerastase.” recommends Agnes. Apply an inch away from the roots to prevent overloading the scalp. Once you apply the mask, comb your hair from the tip to the root. Hydrated hair creates a wavier and healthier look.

Ellips Hair Mask Hair Care


• Wash your hair everyday. Constant shampooing will really dry your hair out. It will not tame your curls! Your sebaceous glands will work continuously if you wash every day, and the hair will always look fat. It is recommended to wash your hair two to three times a week, depending on how oily your hair gets.

• Brush. Our wavy-haired expert, Agnes Oryza, agreed: Don’t brush after shampooing, the friction from brushing will break the curl shape and causes frizz. Use your fingers for a more disheveled look, and to detangle only.

Combing Curly Hair


• Forget color. Highlights work really well as they add definition to the curl. Take a look at Agnes’ hair highlights experience at Toni & Guy at Plaza Indonesia.


Agnes O


Since curly hair is special by nature but it does not have to be your worse nightmare. Personally, we think curls have the best of both worlds: they can give you extraordinary textures and generous volume all straight hair women dream of, or you can have it straight.

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