More and more women are finding that having short hair is giving them advantages that long hairstyles cannot provide. If you want to feel fresh, light and super chic– try something new. Short hair can lift and brighten up the whole face, and give you the feeling of change, and not bring dragged down.

Thinking of going short, but you are a little apprehensive because you are not sure if you would end up liking it? Take a look at our short hairstyle ideas first before chatting with your stylist!

Bob vs Lob

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest hairstyles you’ve even seen the celebrities in bobs and lobs; it’s simply what’s in! Take a look at some of the different kinds of lobs and bobs that celebrities like Kate Upton and Song Hye Kyo are sporting this year.


The bob hairstyle is one that is cut at about jaw-length. You won’t be able to put your hair up into ponytail; that’s how short the style is. If you want to opt for having your hair a bit longer then you would want to go with the lob style.

One thing that you should keep in mind is how thick your hair is. If you have thick hair then try not to have it cut too short because it might look big or too frizzy. However if your hair is thin, you won’t go wrong with going for the shorter style. The reason being is because shorter hair will allow your thin hair to look thicker.

Your Face Shape

Having a bob will look good on you depending upon the shape of your face and the structure of your shoulders. Women who have broad shoulders and a wide face frame should go with the lob hairstyle. The lob style is the one out of the two hairstyles that will work with all face shapes.


Sarah Sechan

Sarah Sechan – Bob Digital Perm by One Piece Salon

If you decide you want either a bob or a lob then you will need to decide on what type of texture you want it cut in. Basically you can choose whether you want straight ends, sleek ends or thick ends. If you have thick locks then it would be a good idea to have choppy ends; this is when opting for a bob. Lobs are very texturized and generally have blunt ends.

Keeping Up The Style

Understand that you will have to maintain your bob or lob haircut properly. If you plan on having a bob, remember your hair will grow fast and you probably will be visiting your stylist more regularly to cut it to maintain your bob or lob.


Are You Ready For The Chop?

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