Patricia Gunawan didn’t only became the runner up finalist of Asian Next Top Model (Season 4), this talented model continued as a presenter and became a radio announcer for HardRockFM after the show ended. Recently during the opening of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, she was announced as L’Oréal Professionnel Indonesia spokesperson. So who is Paticia Gunawan and how did she get the confidence to do what she does? Our glam team had a nice chit-chat with the talkative and cheerful 26 years old lady about herself, pushing limits, and her daring hair moment!


What was your experience like competing at the Asia Next Top Model Season? 

Unforgettable. Once in the lifetime experience that u cannot buy.

What made you decide to enter the show? 

My friend and my cousin forced me to join; and also i think God wants me to do it, so it was a blessing in disguise.


When did you start your career?

I graduated from Rex Mundi Tourism High School Jakarta, and continued my study from Lasalle International College Jakarta for Advanced Diploma of Fashion Business. In 2010, I started my career as a model, but it was only part time. 

What gives you the guts to do what you do?

First of all, it is myself of course. I always push myself through the limit. Second, it is all the people in my surroundings.

What surprising lessons have you learned from Asia Next Top Model that made you become more confident?

I learnt that this is the time to out of your comfort zone. Time is running and I believe it is your own life, you have to fight for your own. We will never get any younger so why not challenge ourself? That made me more confident.



What is the most daring thing you did to your hair?

The most daring thing is when I joined L’oreal Colour trophy in primary high school. The crew cut my hair short and dyed it in light brown with lots of highlights. The surprising thing is I felt really good after I had my hair cut, even though I was a bit perplexed whether to grow my hair or have it cut again afterwards because my hair isn’t thick and poofy.

Why do you think changing a hairstyle or hair coloring give women a feeling of confidence?

It’s obvious because after you spend time pampering at the salon, you’ve got that new look you’ve been wanting all this time, and you feel fresh and a sense of being reborn.


What’s the best piece of advice the judges has given you?

All the international judges told me I’ve got potential more than just a model.. I can do more such as TV host, MC, movies.

What advice would you give to girls to feeling confidence?

You need to set your mindset to be confident. It does take time, so don’t give up. Give yourself a chance to be one and you won’t regret it.



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