Astrid Satwika Kusumo, a mommy, momprenuer, and definitely a beauty junkie, gave us the scoop on her favorite make up brands, skin routines, and tips on how to steal time some alone time from taking care of her toddler.

“Between dedicating time to my baby, husband, parents, in-laws and friends, it’s hard to steal a little time for myself,” says Astrid Satwika. “It happens to all mommies, but you can still look your best every day by using a few quick tried and true beauty tips! ”

We had a chance to talk to Astrid while she was at Medikpro, the newest 4D face laser clinic located at Senopati. Here, she shares a few beauty and glamour secrets. Ladies, take notes.

Astrid Satwika

What’s your skincare routine?

About 3-4 times a week, in the morning I put on a face mask after washing my face and rinse it while taking a bath and reapply the soap for a thorough cleanse. After my bath, I apply SK II miracle water as toner, Sulwhasoo activating serum, Legend of Whoo essence with Pond’s white beauty day cream.

At night, I use the make up remover or just baby wipes to remove my make up. I then wash my face with Mia Clarisonic face brush or the manual rubber face brush to really clean everything on my pores. EMK Beverly Hills serum and then SK II eye cream and with night cream.

What’s your top beauty tip?

Shimmer! I love glowing looks, I always put shimmers on my brow bone, cheek bones, forehead, nose bridge and chin. Been doing this thing called strobing waaay before it was a hit.

Ombre Hair by Prestige Hair Salon

Ombre Hair by Prestige Hair Salon

What’s the biggest skincare myth?

That bathing with rice water can make your skin looks whiter. Ummm that’s a just no no!

What’s your biggest skin splurge?

Legend of Whoo complete set and US$1000 on one Sephora trip, all for myself!

What’s your best skin bargain?

Pond’s white beauty cream, the Shake n Clean make up remover and Pond’s concealer. Super cheap yet they work so much better than all of the expensive ones!

Astrid Satwika

One thing about skin you wish you knew sooner?

Popping your pimple is never a good idea, no matter how tempting it is. I actually knew that sentence long time ago, but I never really realized it until I had this acne scar which lasts for 8 years, and I have to put concealer on it every day to this day!

What’s your make up routine?

Professional primer by Benefit, BB Cushion by Sulwhasoo, Golden eyeshadow (various brand) I always blend my eyeshadow with fingers, somehow it works better for me than any brush. Cream or stick blush on for dewy look, currently using NARS. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pomade. Bright lipstick and shimmers on the desired area. Currently using Bobbi Brown shimmer brick.

Astrid Satwika

Being a busy mommy and TV presenter, how do you steal time to take care of yourself and maintain your great looks?

In the morning, I feed my baby with Glam Glow face mask on, and while my baby is sleeping, I use that time to tweeze my brows. I will sneak out for some mani-pedi or hair spa treatment when my mother is around. On the weekends, when my husband is at home to keep an eye on my daughter, I use Frank body scrub once -twice a week so I can take a longer shower to scrub. If I need to take a long shower and no one to look out after my daughter, I put her on the stroller in the bathroom with me! Gotta find the tricks!

What is in your beauty bag?

Eyelash curler, 3 kinds of mascara, 5 kinds of lipstick with different colors (matte, lip gloss, satin, bright, nude, dark), shimmery eye shadow, brow pencil, Jill Stuart blush on for touch up, compact powder to blot the T zone, shimmer brick / cream, white eyeliner to freshen up my eyes when I get tired.

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