Makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists get physically closer to celebrities than most people we know. So it’s no wonder that after years of beautifying, polishing, and traveling together, the “glam squad” turns into the actual friends squad. After all, they’re the ones who hold their hands, get them coffee, and lean in for the final touch up, right before their high-profile moments.


Bubah Alfian has worked with Indonesian artists from Raisa to Chelsea Islan, and made his mark on most fashion and beauty magazine covers in Indonesia. We asked him what it takes to be a celebrity make up artist during his photo shoot with Pevita Pearce with LINE Sticker, and quizzed him on must-have make up every women should have.

Most Memorable Make up Moment    

The first memorable make up memory for me is when I got the chance to become the Make Up Artist for American Next Top Model, and to be a jury for Amazing Race. Actually, I was so excited and happy, I cannot sleep!

First Make Up Memory    

When I was become a make up artist in 2007, I learnt how to do hair first with Rudy Hadisuwarno in Jimbar, that was for hair, then I joined Jimar Fashion Carnival, at that time I didn’t know much about make up, and it was through the Jimar Fashion Carnival that open a lot of doors to make up, Jimbar is a really good place for that. That’s my first make up memory.

Fashion Shows, Photo Shoot or Bridal?


All of them have their own characters. Since my expert is make up, I need to be able to do all kinds of make up for all events. The most enjoyable for me is fashion photo shoot make up. There was then a magazine called Ambika, pity that it’s now closed, but the magazine really provide a lot of different creativity. When make up artists look at the magazine, it’s like heaven for us. It’s a heaven place for me to build on my creativity.

Craziest Moment

Most craziest moment is when I had to change 7 models’ hairdo in 7 minutes. It was hectic and I was running around a lot. Still remember it and it was the first year when I started doing hair. There was people to help me of course but I had to be quick. When it was all finished, and when people said “Thank You Bubah”, I felt so satisfied.

Who You’d Love to Get Into Your Chair?


Syahrini. I really like Syahrini because she is not just cute, and she probably would not have reached her position right now if she isn’t smart. Also, it has been a year since I have worked with Agnes Monica, there have been times she has requested me, but the timing has not really worked. We chit chat, “When again? When again?” But we are still trying to find a good time that works, hopefully next month.

Beauty Trends You Are Loving Right Now


The very trending look right now is “Glowing”. Second , there is a Thailand Make Up Artist doing Korean looks right now named Nong Chat. His eye shadow is very natural, and the eye lashes goes up but it’s not thick. And really when I do that look, it’s like “Nok”… the eyes are “nok”… like its “WOW”. But its really simple. He uses just gold eye shadow and thin brown eyeliner drawn straight, and eye lash goes up but it’s thin. It’s not like those make up artists that make eye lashes look like thick feather.

Trends for the Average Girl

Girls like to have looks that men likes, and men likes girls with natural looks. Natural look is really real and the way to go.

3 Must-Haves Make Up 

Blush on, eye liner, and lip balm. Blush on to look more fresh, eye liner to give more live to the eyes, and lip balm to make lips more healthy…. It’s like the saying, “Peace begin from smile.”

Advice for Inspiring Make Up Artist


Most important, you have to love make up, cannot be “half half”, and don’t think about making a lot of money. You have to think about the passion, about loving the profession; don’t think about the money from the beginning. When you have reach it all, the money will follow.

One thing you can change about Indonesia?

I would want Indonesian make up to be more natural. Not have eye lashes and face powder too thick, because we all can have beautiful looks without heavy make up, without eyelashes that look like eye shadow. Have thick eye brow, a look that is ‘Nok”, have eye lashes top and bottom… I am not saying thick make up is bad, but just have the more natural look. You want to look beautiful based on your own look, and not someone else’s look.

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  1. eldaa

    selamat sore saudara Bubah, Nama saya Eldaa Novalne John dan saya berminat menawarkan menjadi asisten makeup artist apabila pihak Bubah Alfian sedang membutuhkan asisten makeup artist. Saya sekarang sedang menempuh pendidikan di puspita martha international beauty school sampai dengan Desember 2015. Apabila pihak saudara Bubah membutuhkan jasa saya maka saya akan mengajukan lamaran kerja pada awal januari 2016. Terimakasih.


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