Yoga Soemotirto​ is the main man responsible for getting celebrities, like Cathy Sharon, red carpet-ready and bringing out the bride’s natural beauty on their BIG day. Now he’s spilling his secrets to Zalonku!


Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

1. What is the best part about being a make-up artist?

The best part being a make up artist is that I​ can do a lot of traveling to do the make up for customers. My wish is I​ can go international. ​;)

2. Tell us the best (most memorable/craziest/most exciting) thing to happen in your career so far! ​

The m​ost exciting moment when I was​ honored to do the make up for H​ollywood actress,​ Michelle Yeoh​.​


3. Which beauty trends are you loving for 2015?

​A​ctually, ​I’m not a big​ follower of a certain trend or ​any trends. But I​ (always) love flawless skin with thick eyebrow – pastel colors or smokey colors for ​eyeshadow – and nude lip.

​4. ​What 3 make up products are must-haves to use on your clients?

3 products must-​haves​ to use on clients:​ a nice foundation, good eyebrow products (i.e. ​eyebrow crayon), and a ​nice lipstick color​.

5. What advice would you give to every girl out there who loves make-up? ​

M​y advice: Do not​ wear make up for too long. Maximum 6 hours and ​you should remove everything​ immediately. You​ can apply your make up all over again or just simply leave your skin natural, fresh and clean.

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