Trendsetter, fashion enthusiast, style influencer, it’s impossible to talk about the Jakarta fashion scene without mentioning the name Alya Dimitri. As fashionist, Alya Dimitri, gets ready to launch the Louis Vuitton F/W 2015 Collection at Plaza Senayan this week, we caught up with her backstage for a close up interview. This laid-back and effortlessly stylish young woman shares with us on the weirdest beauty product she has tried and what it takes to be successful.

Ayla Dimitri

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Playful. Optimistic. A little boyish.

What do you think is sexy, beauty-wise?

A girl is sexy when she has a smart character, she knows what she wants, and she knows how to take care of herself. A girl who is beautiful knows how to take care of her thoughts, her faith, her skin, her body, her health, I think that’s sexy and beautiful.

You’ve been on a ton of events and worked with a lot of makeup artists. What are some tips you’ve taken away and use daily?

Yes I get a lot of tips from great make up artists! Always put eye shadow first before putting on foundation. For eye lashes, start from the middle of the eye lid first, then push the sides in. For blush, I always use pink on my face, but the make up artists have taught me to use coral or orange color which actually suits my face skin tone better.

Ayla Dimitri

You are always on the go… how do you keep your skin and hair in good condition?

For hair, I use hair serum to protect my hair and control the frizz. For skin, I am very particular. I double cleanse my face, apply toner, serum, vitamin C, and finish off with moisture.

What is your go-to nail color?

Dark brown.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried in the name of beauty?

Pink eyeliner.

Of all the beauty products you’ve tried, what makes it into your top 3?

Concealer, eye lashes, lip tint.

What’s your favorite fashion moment?

Jakarta Fashion Week is always my favorite fashion moment.

Ayla Dimitri

You have a big following on your Instagram, how do you grow your followers?

THAT, I really don’t know why. It sort of just happened, maybe they like seeing where I travel, my personal taste, my personal style. I was one of the early ones to share my fashion style on Instagram, maybe they are interested because I keep it personal from the early days.

How do you pick your topics to share with your audience?

I don’t really plan my topics… whatever just comes to my mind.

Ayla Dimitri

What’s the secret to becoming a successful fashion influencer?

Go fun with your character. The most important thing is that people want to see your character, so stay original. People don’t want to follow followers. Not going to get anywhere with that.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

From my father and a few senior respectable fashion legends: Yang pentng ihlas aja. Kerjaan ikhlasin aja. Jangan pikiran duitnya. Work sincerely, work whole-heartedly. Don’t just think about the money.

Make Up by: @Mirtharoseria

Nails by: Blow & Glow

Hair by: @vinchenayasahairdo

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