Pevita Pearce’s life motto: “Get out of your comfort zone because there is no growth in comfort, and there is no comfort in growth.” With over 3.7 million followers on her Instagram, Pevita Pearce is one of the most followed actress in Indonesia. Watch Pevita Pearce’s LINE Sticker behind-the-scene interview with 19 year old Make Up Artist Arsya Nafisa on all things beauty… from what’s inside her make up bag to her most memorable moment as an actress so far!

Pevita Pearce

What Are You Working On Right Now?

Right now, since June I have about 8 things going on, I have been busy from my brand Hippearve, I have a food brand also, I am also developing a mobile application, and I am also working on my clothing brand. That’s quite enough actually, and I am so blessed to doing all these, and be here today, and have the health to do it all.

What Do You Think People Like About You?

Maybe that’s a question that we have to ask others because I always question myself the same question, “what people like about me?”… maybe from the beginning, maybe ya, maybe from Instagram before it got really popular, I was already active from posting photos and selfies, so maybe from selfie, maybe? I don’t know!

And also, when I see comments from my Instagram and Social Media, comments are usually about my film Kapal Van Der Wijck and 5 CM, because even till now, on the street people still call me Dinda, or Hayati when they see me.

Pevita Pearce

What makes you happy?

What makes me happy, well basically, when I see people happy, that already makes me smile, because sometimes its difficult to see the happiness when we are down, it’s very simple, what makes me happy is the small little things, and I want to see how I can inspire others through my career, and how I can cheer up others through my acting.

What are your top beauty rules?

Smell. I like beauty treatment that make me smell good. Cream bath that has a good smell, like Chocolate, because that smell can last for 2-3 weeks. After the treatment, the smell stays strong. So I like it very much. But my activities have been so hectic that I haven’t done it since SMA.

Other than cream bath, I am quite easy going, like I don’t wear make up everyday, so the most important thing for me is to have moisturizer, serum, and maintain cleanininess… the most important is the basic stuff, shower, wash my hair, take care of my skin and hair, that’s the most important… and my nails health.

Pevita Pearce

Whats in your Make Up Bag right now?

I don’t have a make up bag because I don’t really use make up everyday. Because I work with make up every day, and when I am working with make up, there is always lighting, and I am always in the heat. So, I don’t really have a chance to do make up myself. I am giving a chance for my skin to breath. So, I don’t carry my make up every day, but the beauty products that I bring is perfume only.

What Brings You The Greatest Joy?

I have a cat. Her name is Sasha. I love to play with my cat, even though she is very very annoying. She likes to bite and stretch me. But she is so cute. Since I live alone, so my cat is like my friend. My friend to chat is my cat.

Greatest indulgence?

I love going to the beach. I love being under the sun, and I love the sea. I love the beach. I love sand, that is my indulgence.

Pevita Pearce

Most memorable moment as an actress?

The process to getting to here. Process of all the casting, the sacrifices, that is something for me that cannot be forgotten because those are the times that got me to in this position now. The process is memorable also because I am surrounded by the professional and experienced people, and the process that makes me as an individual a stronger and better person that I am right now, because many people think this happen to Pevita instantly, but everything has a process and sacrifices. But people don’t see the process, they just see the results. The most important point is the process…. Of how to be an actress or a movie star.

Any embarrassing stories?

A lot! I have so many to tell, I don’t know which one to pick. I don’t really care about what people think, and sometimes my ignorance and recklessness brings me to embarrassing moments. Maybe from the top of my head right now is I felt down in a fashion show. But it’s ok, I stood up and I stood up with confidence. Because the confidence will cover the embarrassing moment.

Pevita Pearce

Best advice you have been given?

Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down, and you cannot predict what’s going to happen next.  But in the end, you have to enjoy it. That’s what my grandma told me.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

Get out of her comfort zone. Because there is no growth in comfort, and there is no comfort in growth.

One thing you can change about Indonesia?

I would change the system, because by changing the system, the structure of the government, it will help improve the economy and individual mentality of the Indonesian people.  It’s like a mental revolution.

Pevita Pearce, Bubah Alfian, Arsya Nafisa

Make Up By: Bubah Alfian
Hair By: Woko_S
Nails By: Spalosophy

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