Successfully building her modeling career in Jakarta, Claudia Virginia a.k.a. Chloe Clau never regrets her decision to be an androgyny model. Modeling since the age of 16, she differentiates herself from the pack as a model, including staying true to her character and being recognizable.

Here, our glam team put Chloe in the Zalonku Beauty Seat to talk about changing people’s perspective about uniqueness, her courage in being herself and her next exciting business adventure.


When did you start your career?

I started my career as a model when I was 16 but I really focused on modeling at the age of 20. I joined a competition in my hometown in Manado because my sister tricked me into joining the competition. I didn’t really like it because I never wore girly stuffs. That day was the first time I wore high heels. So that’s where it all started till now.


Who inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

Agyness Deyn. She inspired me to become a model because she was the only model I knew that had short hair but still looked pretty and cool at the same time. That’s why I thought maybe I could do the same like she does.



What gives you the guts to do what you do?

I want to show people that you can be anything that you want. For me, sometimes I can be boyish outside of work and other times I can be really feminine during work. You can experiment with yourself and enjoy the things in your life without being afraid about what other people will think about you. I love to break boundaries, and love being myself.



What surprising lessons have you learned along the way that made you become more confident?

There are so many things I learned in this industry. At the beginning of my career as an androgyny model, not so many people accept/approve my style, especially when you are a new model. But I just proved to them that I’m different and unique. So I learnt that you need to be patient and never give up to get what you want.


What is the most daring thing you did to your hair?

Most darling thing I did was changing my hair color to silver, which is right now. I’ve always dreamt of dying my hair to silver since 9 years ago, but silver color is kind of hard to achieve. Since I’ve always had short hair, I feel like I always need to switch up different hairstyles, and now I think is the perfect time to play with fun color. I feel different with this hair. It helps me boost my confidence a lot.



Why do you think changing a hairstyle or hair coloring give women a feeling of confidence?

Because when you have the same hairstyle and color everyday, it gets boring and stale. When you change your hair color or hairstyle, there is always a sense of excitement. If it’s something new and they really liked it, they feel more confident afterwards.


What advice would you give to girls to feeling confidence?

To all the girls out there, you don’t need to be shy, you need to show your true self. You are beautiful just the way as you are, and you are unique. You need to love yourself first so other people will have more respect for you. So don’t be afraid to embrace yourself. 🙂



What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

Nothing. Because everything happens for a reason. Whatever happened before made me who I am today.

What’s next for you?

I actually really want to open a small ‘warung’ because besides modeling, I really love cooking too!

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